Safe, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for water treatment, aquaculture and wastewater management.

Wastewater treatment ponds
Water treatment

Opportunity & challenges

Water sits at the heart of sustainable development. Clean water and sanitation are a universal human right and underpin all economic development, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

Currently, 80% of wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused, while existing water treatment products, such as caustic soda, can have significant environmental impacts.
Effective management of our water and wastewater helps to protect freshwater systems, our oceans and human health by preventing detrimental pathogens, nutrients and other types of pollution from entering the environment.

Opportunity & challenges

The effective and sustainable treatment of water is imperative to improved public health outcomes, economic activity and protecting natural ecosystems.

For wastewater, increased regulation regarding nitrogen removal is creating demand for solutions that boost alkalinity and maintain effective microorganism activity.

For the potable water market, strengthened regulation on residual lead and copper requires alternative pH control solutions to minimise the corrosivity of water within the distribution system.

Our solution

Calix’s magnesium-based products are designed to minimise the release of hazardous chemicals and materials into our water systems, to provide a safe and sustainable solution for water and wastewater treatment.

Calix’s ACTI-Mag, ALKA-Mag+ and AQUA-Cal+ provide safe, effective, economical and sustainable solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater.

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Key features & benefits

Safe & non-hazardous

Calix’s magnesium oxide materials are non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive. They enable environmentally sustainable alternatives to conventional materials that can damage the local environment, and are safer and easier to handle.

Alkalinity & pH control

The ability to strongly buffer wastewater within a desired pH range as it undergoes treatment is crucial to maintaining optimal conditions for microbiological activity and reliable wastewater treatment performance. 


Calix’s magnesium hydroxide products deliver hydroxide ions to water to manage alkalinity and provide strong pH buffering.

Cost-effective caustic soda replacement

With a much higher neutralising value, magnesium hydroxide is not only more sustainable than caustic soda, but more cost-effective, enabling an approximate 40% reduction in chemical usage. 

Odour & corrosion control

Calix’s magnesium oxide products prevent the hydrogen sulphide naturally produced by sewage from being released. This reduces the generation of poisonous and foul smelling gases, and reduces a source of corrosion. 


Our market-leading products

Partnering for the planet

Through strong global partnerships and collaboration with industry, academia and governments, Calix is accelerating the development and commercialisation of its core platform technology to urgently solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. We recognise and thank each of our partners for their vital contributions.

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