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Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

Innovative technology solutions solving municipal and industrial wastewater challenges

With rapid urbanisation and development, and increasing environmental pressure on industrial emissions, there is an emerging trend for safe, sustainable solutions to prevent odour, protect existing and new infrastructure, and improve wastewater treatment performance.

Wastewater management across mining, farming, construction and other industries is a challenging problem that can threaten vital waterways, with adverse health and environmental impacts. Ongoing technical innovation is needed to help factories and farms move towards more sustainable wastewater practices.

For example, recent fish kills in rivers around the world highlight the impact high-nutrient run-off from farms can have when river flows drop due to drought and water management practices. Blue-green algal blooms can quickly form, which deplete the dissolved oxygen and release toxins.

ACTI-Mag is a concentrated, stabilised suspension of magnesium oxide. It is particularly effective for neutralisation and heavy metal capture in industrial wastewater treatment plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants, flue gas treatment (sulfur dioxide, chloride removal), sugar and chemical processing.

The product is a low-viscosity slurry that flows easily in most dosing systems. It is hydrated from Calix’s highly reactive magnesium hydroxide, imparting good neutralisation speed due to the high surface area. The product is safer to handle than traditional neutralisation chemicals, with reduced sludge generation making for easier disposal.

The product is useful for treating industrial metal-laden acidic wastewater, where, compared with caustic soda or lime, metals are removed at lower pH and less sludge is produced. It is also used by municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities and is a suitable product for odour control (prevention of hydrogen sulfide formation), neutralisation and corrosion protection in sewerage systems.

Treating wastewater from municipalities, industries and farms has a dual potential benefit. Treated water can be recycled to help cut down industries’ fresh water use, and the waste load in wastewater can be converted to biogas and used to produce electricity. Anaerobic digestion is a natural process that converts organic matter present in wastewater sludge into biogas for electricity, as well as significantly reducing the contaminant load in treated water.

Calix has been involved in improving the performance of biogas plants, converting wastewater into up to 25% more biogas energy that can be used to generate heat or electricity. Calix ACTI-Mag helps make anaerobic biogas plant work much more efficiently, which reduces groundwater pollution, generates potentially re-usable industrial water, and delivers a financial return on investment through sustainable power production.

Industrial sites that take up smart, sustainable wastewater practices and waste-to-energy technology aren’t just saving money — they’re saving water, local environments and communities.

At Calix, we make a point of highlighting the challenges we want to solve. Phil Hogdson, CEO at Calix Limited, explains how to improve sustainability of wastewater treatment using our product ACTI-Mag.

ACTI-Mag for Biogas Management

Calix ACTI-Mag can increase the quality and quantity of the biogas coming from anaerobic
systems, and provide a significant economic boost for food processing plants and municipalities.

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