Conclusions and Recommendations

Sustainable aquaculture series - episode 6

Joffrey Bourdareau \ November 8, 2021
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Welcome back to Calix Sustainable aquaculture series.

We hope you enjoyed our previous episodes, and it is great to have you back for more!

In this Series, we explore different aspects of aquaculture and define key characteristics of a more sustainable approach to aquaculture.

In previous presentations we have shown the effect that Aquaculture can have on the environment and how current culture methods have varying degrees of environmental impact. We have also shown how many of these effects can be mitigated by scientific changes to the current culture systems.

Episode 6: Conclusions and Recommendations

In this 6th episode, we will conclude this series and we will expose our recommendations.

‘‘Is Aquaculture sustainable and viable?’’

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Our solution to a more sustainable aquaculture industry

With passion, and a purpose of solving global challenges, Calix has developed AQUA-Cal+, a water conditioner that safety addresses disease, improves productivity – to sustainably meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population.

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