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ACTI-Mag Magnesium Hydroxide’s reactivity in wastewater treatment

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In this conversation between Ralph and Mark, we learn why Magnesium Hydroxide’s neutralisation rate depends on how readily the solids dissolve to form an alkaline solution; and why surface area can make a big difference.

ACTI-Mag is produced with Calix’s own highly reactive Magnesium Oxide (MgO) produced using Calix Flash calcination process. This short contact heat treatment (less than 10 sec) rapidly converts the Magnesium carbonate ore (MgCO3) to MgO by driving off CO2. As the CO2 is ‘fizzled-off’ from the fine ground mineral particles, it produces a highly porous mineral ‘honeycomb’ leaving a very high surface area.

This allows for rapid hydration to MHL and the resultant high surface, reactive ACTI-Mag product is more readily released by dissolution to allow a significantly higher rate neutralisation than other low surface area, low reactivity MHL products.

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