Restoration of a freshwater lake using Aqua-Cal+

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

John Knight \ February 18, 2019

Taman Tasik Aman. PJ. Kuala Lumpur


With the recent dreadful fish kills in the Darling River, the general public are becoming starkly aware of the dangerous impact of high fertliser water run-off into water systems with little drainage or flow-through.

Calix’s AQUA-Cal+ is being tested as a key remediation treatment for a recreational lake in Kuala Lumpur that suffered fish kills, blue-green algal blooms and bad odours. We are nearly 12-months into a two-year trial with our local partners MahaChem and Thalassa Aqua.

Treatment with AQUA-Cal+ began in April, 2018, and has resulted in the elimination of the odour, and there has been no evidence of fish kills since the beginning of the project. Water quality has greatly improved, and with AQUA-Cal+ as the cornerstone of the treatment regime, the blue-green algae hasbeen controlled
while maintaining good DO (dissolved oxygen) making this lake usable once again for the local people.

In addition to treating the symptoms of an unhealthy system, AQUA-Cal+ is also being assessed on its ability to help reduce the accumulated sludge (more than 1 metre deep), via aiding bio-digestion in the lake bottom, after years of accumulation and ineffectual probiotic treatment. If the sludge digestion progresses well, AQUA-Cal+ will have made a significant contribution to the longer-term health of the lake ecosystem.


Lake condition – February 2018

Lake condition – January 2019


Watch this space for data on sludge depth readings as the project moves toward its two-year conclusion.

AQUA-Cal+ for lake and pond water remediation

Calix has developed AQUA-Cal+ as a safe, environmentally friendly water conditioner to directly address problems associated with lake remediation such as fish kills, odour, bad algae blooms, little circulation, and sludge build-ups.

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