Chemical dosing units Specs

Chemical dosing in wastewater treatment is the controlled delivery of chemicals into the process stream either to adjust and maintain the pH, reduce hydrogen sulphide odours, prevent corrosion of sewer assets, or remove undesirable elements such as phosphorous or fats oils and grease.

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Key Benefits

Attractive cost savings
Eliminate odour complaints
Safe and non-hazardous
Optimise your budget
Corrosion free
Australian manufactured

Calix dosing system – Flex

Some may previously know this as the “Kenny”. Its a single dosing skid which are between 1000 and 2000 litres capacity.

These can be offered naked or clad in color bond steel or thermal insulated refrigeration type walls.

The also come in a range of secondary containment such as drip tray (~200L), fully bunded or no bund.

The name “Flex” has been chosen based on its flexibility in options.

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Calix dosing system – Cube

This refers to the containerized units built around standard shipping containers.

These designs are self-contained and self-bunded units, with capacities up to 2000 litres in a 10-foot container and 4000 litres in a 20-foot container.

They are secure, vandal proof, weatherproof, easy to pick and place.

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Calix dosing system – Max

Containerized units with external tanks.

These have large external tank from 5,000 to 12,500 litres in a single tank.

All expensive equipment is within the container.


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Calix dosing system – Skid

This has all the same running equipment as the Calix dosing system – Flex, such as the pumps and controls, but without the tank.

The idea of this system is it can be hooked up to any tank size.

This is suitable for the international market as every country seems to have different size tanks. I believe the first one is currently being built.

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Got a wastewater challenge?

Our values guide us through every step of the work process, every collaboration we undertake and every challenge we approach:

Inclusion • Positive impact • Continuous improvement 

We recommend using ACTI-Mag in our units.

Calix ACTI-Mag lowers chemical consumption and ensures easier use, handling and storage, thus considerably reducing costs. ACTI-Mag offers the following benefits:

  • Odour control
  • pH adjustment and alkalinity boost
  • Fats, oils and greases control
  • Phosphate removal
  • Biochemical & Chemical Oxygen Demand reduction
  • Biogas management
Find out more about ACTI-Mag for wastewater

Watch our Webinar: Chemical dosing unit solutions

In this webinar, Calix Business Development Manager Sam Sood and Calix Operations and Sales Engineer Shayne Rettke will discuss how Calix has leveraged a culture of innovation to provide fully customised services such as design expertise, engineering know-how, detailed engineering, installation & commissioning services to provide turnkey systems for chemical dosing.

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The Calix difference

People, unique technology, partners, and track record

Leading edge technology

Calix core technology makes high surface area materials (with a honeycomb-like structure), giving you a price and a reactivity advantage.

Our materials are proving to have similar properties to highly active nano-materials, without the health/safety concerns and high cost, but with all the benefits.

Faster reactivity = less costs

Manufactured in Australia

Fully integrated supply chain – from mine to customer

Calix is able to offer better service, reliability and performance to its
customers because it controls the entire production process from mining
of raw materials, processing and production.

We work together in ways others don’t, considering the long-term effect of our actions, never satisfied with the status quo.

Calix has its own direct delivery, service and support capabilities and also has an established a network of local distributors and partners that can provide the best solution for your specific needs and ensure you receive excellent customer service and support, wherever you are located.

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Calix supports WaterAid programs to facilitate access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities.

This partnership with WaterAid aligns perfectly with our purpose and the reason to why we exist “We Solve Global Challenges” and with our core value of “positive impact”.

Looking for a safety data sheet (formerly known as MSDS)? All our SDS are available on our website.