Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid for odour & Ph control

CLIENT STORY at Cassowary Coast Regional Council

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Mission Beach is a mixed residential and tourist area in the Queensland wet tropics region and is home to the iconic Cassowary in Australia. A sewerage scheme was commissioned by Cassowary Coast Regional Council in 2006 to collect the wastewater from three constituent communities and pumped by two major stations, at Wongaling Beach and North Mission Beach, to the Main Transfer Pump Station (MTPS).

A trial of Calix’s ACTI-Mag Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid (MHL) dosing commenced in December 2017 with the primary objective being to control septicity, odour and corrosion issues. Calix also proposed the additional objectives:

– the control of Fats, Oils & Greases (FOGs) build-up

– elimination of lime dosing at the Tully plant

– significant reduction of alum dosing for phosphate removal

ACTI-Mag for Odour and H₂S control

Hydrogen sulphide is present due to anaerobic activity, which favours sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and results in the generation of a poisonous rotten egg gas called H2S. Unlike other agents, which can be costly, potentially hazardous, and targeted at a single issue, ACTI-Mag offers a safe and cost-effective strategy for managing odour.

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