Initial steps towards a new market: Decorative freshwater lake remediation

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

Control of toxic algae is important in ornamental lakes and treatment ponds. Our partner in Malaysia, MahaChem, was approached to try AQUA-Cal+ on a decorative freshwater lake to address significant issues including a strong odour, bad algae, little circulation, and a sludge build-up. A 12-month trial in a large ornamental lake in Kuala Lumpur commenced on March 7, 2018. The pond has already experienced very positive oxygen and clarity response as of May 2018.

We look forward to seeing how the lake responds at the end of the 12-month test.

AQUA-Cal+ for lake and pond water remediation

Calix has developed AQUA-Cal+ as a safe, environmentally friendly water conditioner to directly address problems associated with lake remediation such as fish kills, odour, bad algae blooms, little circulation, and sludge build-ups.

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