Extending the life of sewer assets

Protecting Ageing Infrastructure

Justin Roth \ May 18, 2019

Much of the infrastructure around Australia is starting to degrade, with some reports suggesting that up to $30 billion of community assets are in poor condition and require significant renewal.

This presents challenges as Australia’s population continues to rise and citizen health and safety depends on the ongoing availability and reliability of this infrastructure. Leaking pipes, unpleasant odours, and deteriorating structural integrity can all present significant risks, including immediate danger to people. It’s essential to find a solution to this problem of ageing infrastructure, and fast.

In many cases, assets have been managed in a run-to-failure model that results in faster deterioration, leading to higher replacement and emergency response costs. This can potentially be overcome with rehabilitation and regular maintenance of existing assets.

One of the biggest challenges in sewer networks is the corrosion that occurs to both metallic and non-metallic pipes. To prolong the life of the pipes, in some cases epoxy lining has been applied, ostensibly protecting against corrosion. However, in practice, epoxy linings are problematic and often fail to deliver results. This leads to further costs for councils who then need to rectify the failed epoxy lining.

With an emphasis on creating a sustainable future for existing infrastructure, there is a clear requirement for a cost-effective, reliable, and innovative solution to this longstanding problem.

Calix has developed PROTECTA-Mag, which is a magnesium hydroxide liquid (MHL) coating that prevents corrosion by raising surface pH. The patented biostatic formula neutralises acids that cause corrosion.

Unlike epoxy coatings, PROTECTA-Mag doesn’t require flow diversion or manual entry to be applied, and it’s around five times cheaper over the lifecycle of the asset. It’s completely safe to handle, non-hazardous to humans and the environment, and non-toxic to marine and plant life.

When repairs are required, Calix can re-grout the structure with calcium aluminate cement (CAC), which is a high-strength, highly corrosion-resistant repair mortar. Combining CAC and PROTECTA-Mag results in significantly rehabilitated assets that can continue to operate successfully for decades to come.

In fact, Calix provides peace of mind that assets will be protected long into the future. This, combined with Calix’s renowned reliability, quality, and engineering, means the solution will be tailored to the customer’s needs, delivering the best possible outcome.



PROTECTA-Mag – treat the cause, not the symptom

With an emphasis on creating a sustainable future for existing infrastructure, Calix has developed a cost-effective, reliable and innovative solution to corrosion in ageing sewer

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