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Calix dosing unit solutions for wastewater management

OSFA, a one-solution-fits-all approach is not suitable for all chemical dosing systems.

By virtue of the fact of being a manufacturer of Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid (MHL), Calix has an in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of the properties and behaviour of MHL.

MHL is a solids suspension (slurry) and so a dosing system has to be designed with this in mind. A standard typical liquid chemical dosing system design is not suitable for MHL applications and will regularly encounter breakdowns, biannual complete tank cleanouts thus adding on the maintenance costs.

In this webinar, Sam and Tim will share our design and engineering expertise around MHL dosing systems.

In this webinar, Calix Business Development Manager Sam Sood and Calix Operations and Sales Engineer Shayne Rettke discussed how Calix has leveraged a culture of innovation to provide fully customised services such as design expertise, engineering know-how, detailed engineering, installation & commissioning services to provide turnkey systems for chemical dosing.

Calix recognises that Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management must be integrated into all operations in our organisation. In light of the latest advice on corona virus, and the need to work more remotely, Calix has created a series of webinars so you can take advantage of Calix’s know-how without leaving your home or office!

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