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Calix’s patented core platform technology delivers efficient indirect heating of minerals to enable industrial decarbonisation and create innovative environmental solutions.

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Calix’s patented core platform technology enables electrification of industries, capture of unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions, and green industrial processing solutions.

Its flash heating approach can also produce unique nanoporous materials with enhanced chemical and/or bioactivity.


patent families covering core technology & applications.

Electrification of industries

Compatible with renewable and intermittent sources of energy, Calix’s platform technology delivers clean, efficient and precise industrial heat, enabling mineral processing to enter the electric age.

Higher value sustainable mineral exports

At-mine processing converts ores into concentrated mineral products, capturing more value from mineral resources, reducing emissions and rationalising supply chains.

Capture of unavoidable emissions

Unavoidable CO2 emissions released directly from the raw material are kept pure, enabling efficient carbon capture and direct air capture solutions without additional chemicals or processes.

Highly active materials

Flash calcination produces high surface area nanoporous materials with enhanced chemical and/or bioactivity for use in safe and sustainable products.

How it works

A new way to heat stuff up

Calix’s core platform technology uses a unique, indirect heating process to separate what we heat from how we’re heating it. Specialised steel tubes are heated externally, using either electricity and renewable energy sources, alternative or conventional fuels.

Ground minerals float down through the tubes, where they are quickly heated by heat radiated from the tube walls. The indirect heating process enables clean, efficient and precise electric heating to replace inefficient combustion and carbon-intensive fossil fuels.

Any carbon dioxide released directly from the raw material, such as emissions unavoidably produced in the making of cement and lime, are kept pure, and can be efficiently captured for use or storage.

For green iron and steel, hydrogen is used to remove oxygen from the mineral. Hydrogen, however, is not combusted or used as a fuel, and is easily recycled. This unique feature of the technology aims to enable the lowest cost solution for the production of green iron and steel.

Calix’s flash calcination technology can also create high surface area materials with enhanced chemical and/or bioactivity.


Fast-tracking commercialisation

Calix’s licensing, joint ventures and spin-out strategies are designed to commercialise each new application at speed, and seize opportunities to urgently address some of humanity’s greatest global sustainability challenges.

Male working in Calix technology Centre
The Calix Technology Centre

Accelerating project development and driving innovation.

The Calix Technology Centre, including a multi-purpose laboratory, at Calix’s Bacchus Marsh facility in Victoria, Australia supports Calix’s research and development capabilities, helping to speed up project development and drive new innovative applications of Calix’s core platform technology.

The ability to test and analyse materials on site supports rapid learning and feedback cycles across Calix’s research programs, propelling the development of the technology and its applications.

In addition to its in-house facilities, Calix continues to collaborate with world-class research teams across the world.

Partnering for the planet

Through strong global partnerships and collaboration with industry, academia and governments, Calix is accelerating the development and commercialisation of its core platform technology. We recognise and thank each of our partners for their vital contributions.

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