AQUA-Cal improves the quality of water and thereby promoting better and healthy aquatic life at IKerpan Farm, Kerpan, Malaysia.

case study summary

  • Presence of toxic sludge and the heavy metals causing water turbidity
  • Constant fluctuation in pH and alkalinity leading to poor water quality
  • Poor aquatic ecosystem affecting the health of the shrimp yield
  • Low quality of shrimps having a small size and low survival rate
  • Achieving a PL survival rate of 80% or above.
  • Reducing the toxic sludge build up at the bottom of the pond.
  • Reducing water turbidity and the presence of any heavy metals.
  • Reducing large fluctuation in pH.
  • Maintaining and preventing large fluctuation in alkalinity (80 – 160ppm).
  • Passing DOC 50 days.
  • Passing DOC 80 days (near harvest).
  • Achieving Higher Daily Growth (ADG), Higher Body Weight (ABW) at harvest and lower FCR against Control.

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AQUA-Cal improves the quality of water and thereby promoting better and healthy aquatic life at IKerpan Farm.

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Calix’s Aqua-Cal+ is a special formulation of Magnesium Hydroxide enhanced with Calcium. It improves the quality of water and thereby promoting better and healthy aquatic life. Aqua-Cal+ is non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and environment-friendly.

A trial was taken at the shrimp pond, where a comparison was done between a Control Pond that followed standard practices as opposed to dosing of AQUA-Cal +1 and AQUA-Cal +2 in two other ponds. A comparison of the water quality and shrimp yield in all the three ponds was performed. The ponds treated with AQUA-Cal+ showed a significant improvement in water quality and generated a healthier shrimp yield.



Shrimp Growth in June 2016


Overall summary – 7 reasons for adopting AQUA-Cal:

1 – An effective, multi-functional, non-toxic product for the environment, humans, and aquatic life.

2 – Works great with minimal desludging/water exchange practices.

3 – Promotes stronger, faster shrimp growth and higher survival rate of above 90% by preventing toxic sludge build-up.

4 – Enables shorter sedimentation time and excellent heavy metal flocculation for cleaner and safer pond water.

5 – Helps to reduce FCR by promoting good algae growth.

6 – Helps to reduce or replace some synthetic chemicals.

7 – Helps to preserve the environment towards a sustainable and expandable business.

The application

AQUA-Cal+ is a special formulated high surface area Magnesium Hydroxide enhanced with Calcium designed for use in aquaculture ponds.
AQUA-Cal+ is a water conditioner and acts to improve the overall water quality while delivering a number of unique properties to protect and enhance shrimp culturing:
  • Reduces the water turbidity
  • Effectively binds the iron and other heavy metals to prevent metal toxic
  • Stabilizes water alkalinity
  • Recondition and stabilize the bottom pH
  • Reduces the hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • Neutralize the nitrites, phosphate and ammonia
  • Flocking and break down of organic matter in the system
  • Digests the sludge and create a clean pond bottom

AQUA-Cal+ is non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe, environmentally friendly and meets many core needs in aquaculture.

AQUA-Cal+ is made by flash calcining a mixture of magnesite and dolomite to produce a unique, very high surface area powder, and then hydrating the powder to produce a slurry for ease of application to ponds. It has been specially formulated to impact on both the aqueous and benthic ecosystems in the pond.

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