“Engineering for the Future” feat James O’Loghlin & Matthew Gill & Claire de Jacobi

Welcome to the new Episode of INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH

with innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin

In this new Episode of INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH, innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin meets with Matthiew Gill, Engineer Team Leader at Calix and Claire de Jacobi du Vallon, Process Engineer at Calix. Altogether they discuss how is the engineering daily routine at Calix and highlight their achievements so far.

The unsung heroes of this world, in James’ opinion, are engineers. Sure, people talk about Einstein and Marco Polo and Shakespeare and Steve Jobs and Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela and Rihanna. And yes, good on them. Amazing stuff. But the fact is that none of these high achievers would have been able to do much at all without engineers. Every time you drive on a road or a bridge or through a tunnel or get on a bus or a train over a tall building, or open your laptop or tap on your phone you’re only able to do it because of engineers.

Maybe someone else had the idea to build the road or the laptop, although engineers have plenty of ideas. But engineers turn those ideas into things that actually work and that we can use without them. We wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or do anything.

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