“Electrification, the future of the Industry” feat. James O’Loghlin & Michael Wheatland

Welcome to the seventh Episode of INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH

with innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin

As the world shifts to more renewable energy sources for transport fuels, heating, and utilities many industries are facing much higher energy costs as well as carbon trade barriers around the world. This has happened before with the shift away from coal, then the shift away from heavy fuel oil, and again with natural gas.

Governments are spending big on electrical infrastructure upgrades and flagging that the future of industry is going to be powered exclusively with electricity with grid scale storage and export with batteries and hydrogen.

Many mineral or chemical processes haven’t had the opportunity to make use of low cost, renewable electricity because availability of proven, large scale, electric fired thermal processing hasn’t been available until now.

The next 10 years is going to see significant shifts in costs and processing methods to more sustainable energy sources. A shift to processes which are more flexible in energy source and feedstock. A seismic shift in Process Engineering, Economics and Profitability is here today.
Is your business ready for the coming decade?

Calix electric calcination is the next step in thermal mineral processing. The world is shifting from the use of fossil fuels over to clean, adaptable technologies. The Calix Technology enables this transition to clean fuels, while maintaining flexibility with process integration and energy source.

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