“Collaboration, Calciners and Clean Energy” feat. James O’Loghlin, Andrew Okely & Corey Blackman

Welcome to the fifth Episode of INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH

with innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin

In the fifth episode , James O’Loghlin welcomes Andrew Okely, Calix’s General Manager of Sustainable Processing, and Corey Blackman, Head of Technology at Swedish based SaltX Technology, to discuss the collaboration between Calix and SaltX.

SaltX Technology is a Swedish renewable tech company that has set out to solve the problems of renewable energy supply, demand and timing. SaltX’s grid-scale energy storage solution uses abundant, recyclable and energy dense nanocoated limestone-based materials. The thermochemical storage is charged with renewable energy and can be dispatched when needed, as steam or electricity.

Many industries are trying to decarbonise traditional heating processes. Efficient, low-cost energy storage systems are needed to accelerate the decarbonisation of electricity network and are a fast-growing, multi-billion market.

In 2021, Calix and SaltX combined their technology to develop a potential chemical energy storage solution. They built an electric powered direct separation reactor in Sweden to be used as part of a process for storing and dispatching renewable energy. The reactor will use excess renewable energy during the day to power the reactor to heat, charge and dehydrate salt. Then, when energy is needed, the salt will be recombined with water to produce heat and power.

Andrew and Corey discuss how the collaboration between Calix and SaltX came about, why the two companies decided to work together, how they developed the project, and it’s results.


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