Joint development agreement with Windship Technology targeting zero-emissions shipping

Windship Technology, Britain’s leading True Zero Emission company for the shipping industry, has signed an exclusive joint development agreement with Calix to develop and incorporate Calix’s onboard carbon capture system RECAST into its whole-ship solution.

The combined technologies have the potential to achieve the goal of zero emission shipping at the lowest cost, aligning full-square with the United Nations’ sustainability goals and agenda. Windship Technology is at the forefront of delivering a whole-ship solution capitalising on its class-leading, triple rig wing-sail system, proven to be the most powerful in class.

The exclusive joint development arrangement with Calix Limited has been reached after twelve months of extensive work between the two companies as they strive to eliminate one of the biggest climate issues of the modern world – shipping emissions. Shipping accounts for over 3% of total global emissions, with an expectancy to rise to 10% by 2050 if alternative solutions are not implemented.

With the clock ticking down towards the United Nations’ 2030 sustainability goals, the shipping industry faces huge structural issues with asset owners and ship operators turning to innovation for long-term solutions. Windship is leading the charge with its wind, solar and drive train solutions, and its exclusive tie-up with Calix will also target the elimination of CO2, NOx, SOx and Particulate emissions from the power systems. This is achieved through the introduction of a low emissions lime-based sorbent into the exhaust system of a ship’s engine with the resulting capture reaction adding significant power to the drive train.

Simon Rogers, Technical Director of Windship Technology commented: “We have been delighted to work with Dr Brian Sweeney and the team at Calix throughout the design process of our onboard Carbon Capture System. Calix are leading the way in the development of industrial carbon capture solutions and over the past year it has been a meeting of technical and design minds as we move forward with Windship Technology’s innovative approach to the shipping industry, Calix are the perfect partner and our exclusivity arrangement opens the door to delivering a world-class system that has the potential to future-proof the shipping industry to True Zero and deliver on the United Nations sustainability agenda.” 

Graham Harvey, Chief Executive of Windship Technology added: “The shipping industry is at a definite crossroads now with decisions being made that will affect the next 25 years of commercial activity. Legislation is against asset owners who are unwilling to adopt True Zero Emission technologies and we know that Windship Technology has the best solution on the market for commercial bulk carriers and tankers serious about their environmental commitments. In joining up with Calix we can square the circle of a whole-ship, True Zero emission solution for the shipping industry with Carbon Capture being the holy-grail for operators. This is a huge step forward for Windship Technology and we look forward to working closely with Calix on an exclusive basis on this exciting development.”

Phil Hodgson, Managing Director of Calix Limited added: Calix is pleased to be collaborating with Windship Technology to develop a zero emissions solution for the shipping industry. This world-class initiative is in line with Calix’s core mission. The use of low emissions lime as both a sorbent and a fuel for the ship is a valuable new application for our technology.”

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