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Solving Global Challenges has been the basis of Calix’s passion and business for more than a decade, with a mission to urgently develop great businesses, leveraging our patented technology, that deliver positive global impact. Driven by our purpose, we focus on four overlapping pillars of sustainability (climate, energy, food, and water) to develop environmentally friendly solutions for advanced batteries, biotech, CO2 mitigation, sustainable processing, and water treatment.

Calix materials are being used to improve the sustainability of water treatment, aquaculture, agriculture but also human health and battery technologies. Calix technology also allows for the direct separation of CO2, allowing it to be used for carbon dioxide reduction in traditionally carbon dioxide intensive industries, such as lime and cement production.

Calix’s technology can help improve the sustainability of existing industrial processes through a more optimised use of mineral and chemical resources, and the use of renewable sources of energy. By aligning innovation and development initiatives with the UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs), Calix is driven to make an impactful and meaningful contribution to the environment.

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