on Australian Government funding

For carbon capture, use and storage projects

Following the Australian Government’s Budget announced on 25 October 2022, AusIndustry advised Calix that the $11m in grant funding, announced by the former Government in May 2022, has now been cancelled. The grant funding was in support of Calix’s project with Adbri to develop low emissions lime.

Similarly, Boral has advised Calix that the $30m in grant funding, announced by the former Government in May 2022 has also been cancelled. The grant funding was in support of a CCUS project utilising Calix’s cement and lime decarbonisation technology.

Australian cement and lime decarbonisation projects

Adbri has advised Calix that they remain committed to the Pre-Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) study underway for their decarbonisation project with Calix and its subsidiary, Leilac. Utilising Calix’s Leilac technology, the project aims to: develop the world’s first commercial scale process for low emissions lime; deliver low cost abatement of unavoidable CO2 process emissions; and assess alternative energy sources, including renewable electricity and hydrogen. Calix looks forward to continuing to progress its project with Adbri.

Separately, Calix is engaging with Boral to consider the implications of the cancelled funding for its proposed project in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Future funding for carbon capture technologies

The Australian Government has announced that it will be implementing a new Carbon Capture Technologies program, through which it will provide $141.1m over ten years as part of a realignment of investment in carbon capture technologies. Expected to open in 2023, the Government has stated: Program investments and related policy development will prioritise technology development for hard-to-abate industrial sectors (such as cement manufacturing).

Calix is awaiting further details of the Australian Government’s new grant program, while also pursuing state and regional programs to assist with these projects.

Calix acknowledges our partners for their commitment to achieving carbon neutral cement and lime. We are also grateful for the Australian Government’s support of carbon capture and storage technologies for cement and lime, which is an essential technology to mitigate the unavoidable production of CO2 during the cement and lime manufacturing process.

The recent announcement of our global licence agreement with Heidelberg Materials for use of the Leilac technology builds on our strong and rapidly growing pipeline of cement and lime decarbonisation projects around the world.

We believe the Leilac technology can also play an important role in urgently decarbonising this essential and hard-to-abate sector of the Australian economy. We look forward to continuing to work with Australian governments and industry to help achieve Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

Calix Managing Director and CEO, Dr Phil Hodgson.

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