The tightening of the use of chemicals continues, especially in Europe


Calix has developed BOOSTER-Magan easy-to-apply foliar spray that acts as both fertiliser and stimulates a plants natural ability to fight disease and pests. It demonstrably provides a substantial safety, simplicity, sustainability and productivity benefit.

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A new solution for powdery and downy mildew on vines?

Protecting crops remains one of the greatest challenges faced by the wine growing sector.Powdery and downy mildew are serious diseases of grapevines globally. If not adequately controlled, both pathogens can substantially reduce yield and grape and wine quality.

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) has now completed a study to determine whether the use of BOOSTER-Mag for vines disease has any effect on grape fermentation and wine quality.

The results clearly demonstrated that BOOSTER-Mag has no negative effect. This result is consistent with an equivalent European study – this is great news for the development of BOOSTER-Mag as a sustainable alternative to protect vines from mildew.

Robert van Merkestein about BOOSTER-Mag

A sustainable alternative to conventional pesticides

At Calix, we make a point of highlighting the challenges we want to solve.

The need for safe and environmentally friendly crop protection chemicals has never been greater.

Robert van Merkestein, Business Manager Bio-Active Materials at Calix Limited, explains how BOOSTER-Mag fills a growing need for safer crop protection solutions.

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