Sustainable Critical Minerals and the Green Export Opportunity

The growing demand for secure and sustainable supplies of critical mineral products is being propelled by strengthening tailwinds that result from global environmental and political concerns.

Combined with the ever-reducing cost of renewable energy generation, this demand creates a unique opportunity for mineral producers.

By combining mineral and renewable energy resources – and utilising innovative enabling technologies – mineral producers have the opportunity to deliver premium mineral products critical to global decarbonisation and sustainable development goals.

Calix’s innovative electric calcination technology is designed to enable mineral producers to seize this opportunity. By enabling the use of renewable energy, reducing waste, rationalising supply chains, and creating value-added mineral products, the Calix eCalciner offers a transformative solution to enable mineral processing to enter the electric age.

Download our white paper Sustainable Critical Minerals and the Green Export Opportunity to learn more about Calix’s sustainable mineral processing solutions for high value, low carbon mineral products.

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