Our collaborative R&D programs continue to expand in 2019

During 2018, Calix extended its linkages to universities and research institutes in Australia and Europe through participation in research programs, in which the focus is our unique production of nano-active materials in Australia.

Dr Matt Boot-Handford has recently joined the R&D team at Bacchus Marsh to lead these collaborations, and will coordinate European projects with DrTom Hills in London. Tom and Matt come to Calix through a long term collaboration with Professor Paul Fennell at Imperial College, UK.

The collaborative model enables science and engineering researchers to spend time at Bacchus Marsh making novel nanoactive materials in an industrial environment, testing materials for specific applications in their laboratories using leading edge research capabilities, and working with industrial end users on
the most promising applications.

To deliver this vision, Calix has upgraded its CFC 850 Calciner and is constructing the BATMn reactor, with Australian Government AMGF funding, to make new battery and catalyst materials under novel processing conditions. Calix has sponsored research at CERTH, in Greece, which has revealed important insights into the origin of the bioactivity of its nano-active MgO.

In 2018, Calix is a partner with Deakin and Monash Universities in its Australian Government funded industrial training centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies, and with Imperial College in its UK funded program Next Generation Synthesis & Reaction Technology.

These programs will lead to a number of collaborative projects in batteries, catalysts, 3-d printing and pharmaceuticals. These are examples of “lean innovation” in which early stage, prospective R&D can be progressed and rapidly assessed, and from which Calix has generated great success to date. We look forward to working with our collaborative R&D networks in 2019.


Calix is a partner of the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre leaded by Institute for Frontier Materials.


Chief Scientist Mark Sceats presented our advanced battery materials technology for which we are recruiting 3 students from Deakin and Monash Universities to work on this exciting project. As the world transitions to renewable energy, increasing demand is required of efficient, cheap and high capacity electricity storage. 

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