News Issue September 2020

Calix Global Challenges

Welcome to Issue Number 36 of the Calix Newsletter.

In our third Newsletter for 2020, our Batteries and Catalysts R&D Manager – Dr Matt Boot-Handford – outlines the huge effort going into our battery materials technology from our dedicated team and our partners in the four development programs we are participating in. Our BATMn Reactor continues to be the centrepiece of some highly prospective materials research. We anticipate publishing some interesting outcomes soon, as we move to full battery “coin” and “pouch” cell testing with our partner BatTRI-hub (

Also featured is a story on a mine, in a severely drought-affected region, which was running critically short of water. Calix was able to help the mine recycle its waste-water through the use of our ACTI-Mag product, which helped keep the mine running. It was great to see the Calix team deliver on the urgency of the customer’s requirements during a holiday period, and speaks volumes about our team and their relentless customer focus. Another ACTI-Mag story features a vineyard, where we replaced a dangerous chemical with our cost-effective, safe product that also proved great for the land when re-using the wastewater. And in our third wastewater feature, we profile a dairy farm in the US having similar issues to the vineyard, and for which our US-based product AMALGAM-60 was very effective, backed by the great team in our newly acquired business there.

Our AQUA-Cal+ product is also featured in a story from Malaysia, where significant reduction in dissolved iron (deadly for prawns !) and control of ammonia, nitrite and phosphate enabled a higher survival rate, and higher average weight, leading to much higher yields for the farmer. Also from Malaysia – our ACTI-Mag product was able to help improve the efficiency of a bio-digestor, which in turn produced more “biogas” for renewable power generation. Improved bio-digestion and the potential to produce renewable power is also the latest topic in our Sustainability Series, and our newsletter introduces this topic for further reading. Although not featured in this newsletter, our LEILAC CO2 mitigation projects continued development in Europe despite COVID travel restrictions, and the interest in the technology continues to build. We were proud to have our partner HeidelbergCement feature the technology very prominently in their annual capital markets day –

We were also proud to recently announce some great FY20 annual results, featuring a 74% increase in annual revenues to $24.4m, including a 334% increase in sales revenues to $14.1m and 224% increase in EBITDA to $1.5m, the lodgement of 5 new patents, the achievement of nearly $30m in new grant funding for our cement and battery R&D developments for the next 4 years, and the continued strengthening of our balance sheet with net assets of over $26m and virtually zero debt. Despite the challenges and uncertainty around COVID, we remain in a great position in FY21 to continue to grow our sales margins and revenues, develop our pre-commercial products and push ahead on our ambitious R&D program.

As always, we thank our shareholders and stakeholders for their support and interest and hope you enjoy reading about our latest accomplishments in this newsletter.


  • Project BATMn update
  • ACTI-Mag for acid neutralisation in mine water, Australia
  • Another ACTI-Mag success story at a winery, Australia
  • Achieving sustainable dairy wastewater management with magnesium hydroxide
  • Shrimp farming in Malaysia with AQUA-Cal+
  • Increased biogas production at a palm oil mill, Malaysia
  • Understanding the challenges we solve Creating renewable energy
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