News Issue July 2021

Calix Global Challenges

Welcome to Issue Number 39 of the Calix Newsletter.

“The first half of 2021 has flown past. Despite COVID, we continue to make great progress across all our business lines. Our successful capital raising in March is being diligently applied to new resources to accelerate our businesses in response to the ever-strengthening investment theme around sustainability. Our first article reflects this theme, introducing some great talent who have recently joined the Calix team, as well as some of our longer-term team members such as Dr Tom Hills, working for Calix in the UK on our decarbonisation projects.

Also extending this theme in our newsletter is an article on our recent agreement with Pilbara Minerals to explore the development of the Calix technology in an Australian-based, lithium salt production joint venture for lithium ion batteries. It is great to be teaming up with Pilbara Minerals to attempt to on-shore critical manufacturing capability, capable of being renewably-powered. The importance of lower-carbon production is hitting home to Australian exporters, as export markets such as the EU legislate to commence carbon tariffs on imported goods from 2023. Other economies such as the US and China look like following this trend – and as a result Australia, through its export industries, will have a carbon tax by default in the next few years. We will have to respond quickly to stay competitive.

Our next article features one of our final stories on our LEILAC-1 project in Belgium, our pilot project to demonstrate CO2 capture for the lime and cement industries. The results from all the test runs are being collated now in a final report from the LEILAC consortium to the EU, and the article gives an overview of the key successes of the project, as well as the key development steps being undertaken right now in our scaled-up LEILAC-2 project in Hannover, Germany.

Our Water business continues to be a strong revenue engine for the company, and we feature a recent customer success story from our Australian operation.

Our other key articles centre on our Advanced Battery materials business. Our most recent R&D results, on our unique cathode materials from our Calix technology “BATMn” process, continue to push improvements in simple, cheap, safe and more sustainable lithium battery chemistries. And we also feature our team at Deakin University and Boron Molecular, with whom we are working with closely on these developments.

Our “stop press” announcements to round out our Newsletter feature very significant progress on several fronts, including memorandums of understanding for CO2 capture projects with ADBRI Limited (ASX:ABC), Tarmac Ltd (UK) and RHIMagnesita N.V. (LSE:RHIM), as well as our successful bid as part of the Heavy Industry, Low Emissions technology Co-operative Research Centre for $39m in government funding to help decarbonise heavy industry, and lastly a development agreement with Windship Technology Ltd (UK) to use the Calix technology in a CO2 capture system for shipping, which contributes over 2% of global CO2 emissions. We will feature these latest announcements with more detailed articles in our upcoming newsletters.

We continue to very much appreciate the support of all our shareholders and stakeholders as we continue another year of significant development for the company.”

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