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Calix Global Challenges

Phil Hodgson \ April 26, 2022
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Welcome to Issue Number 41 of the Calix Newsletter.

“In the recent quarter, Calix achieved a significant milestone with the LEILAC-2 Project for CO2 mitigation in the cement and lime industries, passing its Financial Investment Decision with the full support of the project consortium. This achievement was even more significant given the significant supply chain and war risks that have added considerable uncertainty, but is a testament to the resolve of the consortium to push on with the project, given the pressures and commitments to CO2 mitigation.

In this newsletter, we also explore the opportunity for the LEILAC technology in the lime industry, as well as the effort, and reasons, to develop electrification of the Calix technology. The Calix technology is being developed as a “future-proofing” option for industry. CO2 capture is a primary goal for cement and lime, but also the ability to use renewable energy including electricity and waste fuels or biomass is becoming a central value proposition as energy prices soar, and is a subject of renewed focus and development of the technology for application across many other industries.

In our water business, we look at some recent customer case studies in the US for sewer treatment, and in Asia for aquaculture. We look forward to the recession of COVID-constraints to re-ignite our growth in both these industries, given the considerable market opportunity.

In our biotech business, we achieved a significant milestone with the approval of BOOSTER-Mag – our safe, environmentally friendly crop protection product – by the Australia Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). This represents over two years of independent assessment of safety and efficacy of our unique product and market entry planning for the Australian 22/23 season is underway. We are very encouraged by this progress and while applications such as crop protection take time, the same environmental themes driving investment in CO2 mitigation are also starting to focus on agriculture, where we have a unique product, uniquely positioned.

In this newsletter we also feature our first Communication on Progress (“COP” report) as members of the United Nations Global Compact, focussing on our efforts in Environment, Social and Governance improvement both externally, with our stakeholders and customers, and internally, with goals we are setting for ourselves as a company.

We also feature our new team members and also Doug Kelley – our US colleague leading the IER team – and his background, in our quarterly “meet the team” article. Despite a growing team, Calix remains very focussed on hiring the right people with not only excellent skills and competencies to grow our ambition, but also alignment with our corporate objectives. Both are equally important.

As always, we continue to very much appreciate the support of all our shareholders and stakeholders as we continue our journey and ambition, to help solve global challenges, using our unique technology and dedicated team.”

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