Calix announces a new structure to support our growth strategy

Our five Business Lines

Water Solutions include water and wastewater treatment and aquaculture, follows a direct sales and distributor model and requires a high level of customer intimacy.

Sustainable Processing includes mineral and chemical processing; leveraging the key benefits of our technology in electrification and use of renewable energy in industrial processes.

Biotech includes leading products such as crop protection, marine coatings and new biotech applications that exploit the unique bio-active, yet safe and sustainable nature of our high reactivity magnesium oxide.

CO2 Mitigation includes cement and lime and builds on Calix’s established carbon capture expertise.

Advanced Batteries includes advanced cathode & anode materials produced by our unique reactor technology – “BATMn.

Solving global challenges

We are committed to make the UN Sustainability
Development Goals (SDGs) part of our company culture and day-to-day operations, and we see the new structure as a natural next step on our journey towards growth, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Because there’s only one Earth. Mars is for quitters.

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We are on a mission to help solve some of the greatest global challenges.


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