New hydration facilities in Wisconsin and Texas boost IER’s capacity

IER,Calix’s water and wastewater treatment business in the USA, has boosted its capacity with the official opening of new hydration facilities in Ripon, Wisconsin and Lufkin, Texas. The combination of the new facilities, the addition of two new employees in key roles, and significant regulatory tailwinds, sees the business well-positioned for growth.

The new plants are supporting the expansion of sales into new regions, including Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas, as well as supporting new business in the existing regions of the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest.

The demand for additional capacity follows the development of ALKA-Mag+, a safe, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to caustic soda.

To further support the increased demand and growth IER is experiencing, two new employees were recently appointed. Daren Ruggles has been appointed as the Manager of North American Operations, and Candice Yamaura has been appointed to the role of Human Resources and Fleet Manager. 

President of IER, Dr Doug Kelley spoke with enthusiasm about the exciting growth prospects for the business. 

“Following the challenges of the pandemic, this is a particularly exciting time to be part of IER, especially as we feel the momentum building from regulatory tailwinds, opening two new facilities, and expanding our team,” Dr Kelley said.

“Opportunities abound as the desire grows to replace caustic soda in numerous process water and wastewater applications, as well as replacing nitrate-based chemicals for odour and corrosion control in the collection system.

“IER can meet the demand with our safe, sustainable, more reactive, and more cost-effective ALKA-Mag+ magnesium hydroxide product.”

IER, Lufkin, Texas (L to R) Calix Managing Director & CEO, Phil Hodgson; Lufkin Plant Operator, Dakota Gilbert; Lufkin Plant Manager, Asa Thunder Eagle; Asa’s canine buddy, Patriot; and President of IER, Dr Doug Kelley.

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