Calix Newsletter – May 2024

Calix Newsletter 47 May 2024

Welcome from the CEO

Phil Hodgson

Welcome to issue 47 of the Calix newsletter, and our first edition for 2024. Following our special edition introducing the new Leilac newsletter, this issue takes a deep-dive into ZESTY, our highly promising solution for the production of green iron and steel, as well as providing further updates from across the Group.

Iron and steel, like cement and lime, are huge contributors to global CO2 emissions, and represent an enormous opportunity for effective decarbonisation technologies to deliver significant environmental and economic impact. Calix continues to urgently develop its Zero Emissions Steel TechnologY, ZESTY, and following the completion of our pilot-scale testing campaign and FEED study for a ZESTY Demonstration Plant, we are increasingly excited by ZESTY’s potential.

Our feature on ZESTY covers the why, what and how of ZESTY, and provides an update on our progress so far. Notably, our extensive testing campaign has repeatedly produced commercial grade green iron from a wide range of ore sources, including lower grade Australian ores. Perhaps most pleasingly, a techno-economic analysis found that, even at demonstration scale, ZESTY could produce green iron at a cost close to the range of conventional, coal-based iron production. This is a remarkable result, especially as it does not account for any benefit of carbon emissions reduction.

The economic production of green iron and steel will not only help solve an urgent climate challenge, but could also add value to local iron ore exports, future-proof local industries, and support sustainable global development.

I am grateful to the dedicated ZESTY team and all our partners who have helped demonstrate the promise of the technology so far. We look forward to making further announcements as we scale and commercialise our industry leading solution for green iron and steel.

Staying with our Sustainable Processing business, we are also applying Calix’ technology to electrify the processing of other minerals. Our joint venture with Pilbara Minerals continues to progress the build of a demonstration plant for the sustainable processing of spodumene to a concentrated lithium phosphate salt. That project remains on time and budget, with construction expected to commence before the end of the financial year.

This newsletter also features another high potential application of Calix’s electric calcination technology – alumina. Alumina is an important metal for many industries, but its production is extremely energy-intensive, and the use of fossil fuel energy inputs for high temperature heating is causing both environmental and economic pressures for producers. Electrifying the processing of bauxite to smelter grade alumina has the potential to deliver significant emissions reduction and efficiency benefits.

In other updates since our last newsletter, Calix has opened new hydration plants for our water business in the US, confirmed a new location for the Leilac-2 project at Heidelberg Materials’ Ennigerloh cement plant, and welcomed two new directors to the Calix board. More recently, Calix received $8.4m from the Australian Government’s R&D Tax Inventive, further bolstering our balance sheet.

Finally, I’m happy to share that Calix has a new website to help us better engage with industry, governments, people interested in working at Calix, and our shareholders. It includes new videos about the company, our technology and people, and overviews of our businesses and the industries in which we’re working, as well as new interfaces for job applicants and shareholders that offer easy access to the information they may need in a single location.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and browsing through our new website, and I look forward to discussing ZESTY and all things iron and steel decarbonisation at our upcoming special ZESTY webinar later this month. Stay tuned for more details.

ZESTY green iron and steel proves its credentials

With Calix’s Zero Emissions Steel TechnologY (ZESTY) proven at pilot scale, identification of a preferred site for the ZESTY Demonstration Plant is coming soon. But why does ZESTY matter, how does it work, and what are the costs?

Our newsletter feature takes a deep dive on ZESTY’s credentials.

Visit our new website!

Curious to learn more about how we’re solving global challenges? Visit our new website to watch an animation of our technology, discover the industries in which we’re helping to solve global challenges, uncover insights on what it’s like working at Calix, and view a comprehensive set of the company’s announcements and corporate governance, plus much more!

Watch our story of innovation and resilience in our new video

Our Managing Director & CEO Phil Hodgson with our Founder & Chief Scientist, Mark Sceats share our company’s story of innovation and resilience as we set about revolutionising the way industry makes things.

Calix receives $8.4m from the Australian Government’s R&D Tax Incentive

Calix received $8.4m through the Australian Government’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive program for the 2023 Financial Year (FY23). The receipt of $8.4m further strengthens Calix’s balance sheet and will support the delivery of key projects and continued technology development.  

New location confirmed for Leilac-2

Heidelberg Materials’ cement plant in Ennigerloh, Germany has been confirmed as Leilac-2’s new location, following Heidelberg Materials’ decision to end clinker production at Leilac-2’s previous location. With a robust detailed design ready for implementation, Leilac-2 construction will begin immediately following the conclusion of the permitting process.

ZEAL: targeting lowest cost, lowest emissions alumina

Capable of delivering efficient electrification of conventional carbon-intensive mineral processing, Calix’s core platform technology promises to provide a robust solution to address the alumina industry’s global CO₂ emissions. Calix’s Zero Emissions Alumina (ZEAL) technology is being developed to provide the lowest cost, lowest emissions and highest efficiency solution for smelter grade alumina calcination.

New hydration facilities in Wisconsin and Texas boost IER’s capacity

IER,Calix’s water and wastewater treatment business in the USA, has boosted its capacity with the official opening of new hydration facilities in Ripon, Wisconsin and Lufkin, Texas. The combination of the new facilities, the addition of two new employees in key roles, and significant regulatory tailwinds, sees the business well-positioned for growth.

International Women’s Day Panel 2024

This International Women’s Day, Calix was proud to present a special panel discussion, “Women in STEM: Pioneering Change” as the first in a new series focused on diversity and inclusion. 

At Calix, our dedication goes beyond technological advancements; we’re passionate about fostering an environment where inclusiveness is our strength. Watch as we celebrate and deliberate the role of women in STEM fields.

Dr Sarah Ryan & Peter Dixon join Calix’s board

Calix has appointed Dr Sarah Ryan & Peter Dixon as non-executive directors. The appointments continue to demonstrate the board’s commitment to proactive board renewal, ensuring the composition of the board is appropriate to support the delivery of Calix’s strategic goals.

Meet Calix R&D Plant Coordinator, Claire de Jacobi du Vallon

Claire coordinates Calix’s R&D program at the Calix Technology Centre in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.

It was Calix’s sustainability focus that appealed to her as she looked to join the workforce upon completion of a degree in engineering, but it was Calix’s culture in the end that made Calix Claire’s first choice. Today, it’s knowing her work matters, that it’s having a positive impact, and the opportunity to work with a passionate team of people who really care about what they do that keeps Claire motivated.

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