Latest developments “Cracking the onion”

Dr Matt Boot-Handford – On the chemistry of Calix materials for lithium-ion batteries

“We are trying to develop processes technologies materials that look to transition us to a much more sustainable and responsible future”

Matt Boot-Handford manages Calix’s role in a variety of collaborative research programs including: storEnergy: the Australian Research Council funded Training Centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies; POLYSTORAGE: the EU funded training centre developing solid state batteries; and the Calix-led CRC-P for Advanced Hybrid Batteries.

Lab-produced lithium manganese oxide (LMO)

Schematic and correspoding SEM images supporting the growth mechanism of onion-like lithium manganese oxide (LMO) crystalline structure

Calix to invest another $4.5m into battery development

This additional capital will be used to accelerate the growth of our advanced battery R&D program, enhance the scope of the materials being tested, and commence commercial discussions with battery materials and battery assembly entities.

Electrode coating, coin cell assembly and electro-chemical testing equipment.

Expand pouch cell testing and battery pack development program, to avoid the need for industrial partner funding, and to strengthen our commercial leverage.

New, fully equipped and fit-for-purpose battery laboratory with skilled operators.

Expanded reactor capability to fully exploit processing advantages of the BATMn technology.

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