Introducing Youssef Aaraj

Process Engineer

Youssef Aaraj is a Process Engineer with experience in energy processes development and integration. Youssef has a PhD from the “Ecole des Mines” in Paris in Energy Processes Optimisation.

He joined Calix in 2019. Previously to Calix, Youssef worked on the development of a process for the purification and treatment of biogas.

Currently Youssef is working on the development of the combustion system and the material selection for LEILAC-2, in addition to participating in scoping studies concerning the installation of the LEILAC technology at different cement plants around the world.

“Working on the LEILAC technology is an opportunity to work with a motivated team that dares to innovate. We can be proud that our work in Calix positively impacts us and the rest of the world.”

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