Introducing Robert Van Merkestein – Business Manager BOOSTER-Mag

Calix Global Challenges

Joffrey Bourdareau \ April 6, 2016

Rob joined Calix in October 2015, primarily to commercialise BOOSTER-Mag™, a new product developed by Calix for use in agriculture around the world.

Rob started his career with the CSIRO, initially developing environmental applications for MgO powder derived from mineral Magnesium Carbonate, before developing a process to manufacture a more user-friendly liquid form – Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid. This work led to the establishment of Australia’s first production facility of MHL.

Rob then joined the private sector where he helped establish and manage a Liquid Magnesium Hydroxide business focussed on developing and commercialising a suite of new solutions. After over 15 years working on this technology, he decided to move on and started working on several other new and innovative technologies.

Rob’s worked extensively in Australia and throughout Asia within the water sector. He had many opportunities to travel and lived in Beijing for a few years with his family. He married Michelle and has two boys – Remy, 9 and Lucas, 12. He doesn’t have much time for hobbies but does enjoy the “surprise” when a bottle of red from his cellar has actually improved.

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