Introducing Matthew Gill

Introducing Matthew Gill
Introducing Matthew Gill

Matthew   graduated   with   a   degree   in   mechanical   engineering   from   UNSW.   His   study   focused   on   the   automotive   engineering   industry.   However,   in   early   2012  Matthew  came  across  Calix,  and,  while  it  wasn’t in his plans to work for a small technology company, the company’s  profile  and  promise  were  extremely  alluring.

The  cutting-edge,  innovative,  and  dynamic  approach  of  the  company  was  unlike  any  other  he  had  seen  before  and Matthew instantly knew he needed to work for Calix.

On  starting  with  Calix  in  2012,  Matthew’s  role  was  the mechanical engineer for the Calix Flash Calciner (CFC), from   the   conceptual   process   design   through   to   the   commissioning and first production runs. Following  the  CFC’s  completion,  Matthew  was  involved in  the  development  of  the  ACTI-Mag  product,  spending  many  hours  helping  to  develop  the  production  process  and  first  manufacturing  plant  at  Calix’s  main  production site located in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.  Having gained experience developing the process for the ACTI-Mag  product,  Matthew  was  then  put  in  charge  of  developing  and  delivering  a  high-volume  output  ACTI-Mag  production  facility  in  Queensland.  The  project  was  developed under budget and ahead of schedule.

At  the  end  of  2016,  Matthew  was  seconded  to  the  European branch of Calix to work on the LEILAC project. Matthew  was  placed  in  charge  of  delivering  the  Calix  component   of   the   FEED   stage   and   developing   the   budget for the project. With the consortium approving the budget and  the  project  moving  into  the  detailed  design  and  procurement  stage,  Matthew  was  placed  in  charge  of  delivering  the  mechanical  components  of  the  project,  which will begin construction in mid-2018.

On returning back to Australia, Matthew was placed in charge of Calix’s development program for an electric calciner for processing innovative battery materials.  The program ran to schedule and was delivered early and under budget.

In 2019 Matthew moved into the Engineer Team Leader role, managing the engineering team based in Australia to help support the development of Calix’s core technology, the European development program and local water business.

Outside  of  Calix,  Matthew  hasn’t  lost  his  passion  for automotive  engineering,  and  is  currently  working  on  restoring a series 2 Fiat X1/9.

Listen to what Matthiew and partners have to say about Calix BATMn Reactor, designed to make a range of nano-active materials for advanced batteries, where the need for precision control of the process conditions is critical for electrochemical performance.

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Introducing Matthew Gill


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