Introducing Dr. Brian Sweeney

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Brian spent 20 years working with Shell around the world, and eight years with the Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Group. Brian’s current role is in business development at Calix Europe, and he has been instrumental in helping develop the Calix Process into several CO2 emissions reduction initiatives. An example of this is an established olive grower in southern Spain that has recently commenced a 12-month trial of BOOSTER-Mag.

This forward-looking grower is investing his own resources into the project not only because of the imperative to reduce pesticide use and produce safely and sustainably, but also because of the premium he can achieve for lower residue produce.

He has been a key Calix team member on numerous successful CO2 reduction applications grants, including DECC, the LEILAC Project and ASCENT, and he also leads the RECAST initiative. Brian studied engineering at Cambridge University and Columbia University, New York.

Latest insights

At Calix, we believe our people are key to achieving our purpose.

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