Introducing Andrea Passariello

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Michael Walsh \ October 27, 2021

Andrea obtained a BSc and a MSc in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Pisa, specialising in Structural Analyses and Fluid Dynamics. His BSc thesis involved the development of software for the preliminary design of Shell and Tube Heat exchangers for ENEL ENERGIA SpA. His MSc thesis involved the publication of a well renowned AIAA journal article about understanding non-linear buckling behaviour of anisotropic structures.

Andrea worked mainly in the Aerospace industry, with the majority of his experience developing and maintaining the safe operation of Rolls-Royce aeroengine fleets as a Structural Analysis Specialist.

He worked also for other companies in different roles such as Mechanical Designer and Aerothermal Engineer on flight control systems, avionics cooling systems, composite impact tests, pressure vessels and their testing, innovative heat exchanger technologies and new thermodynamic cycles research.

Andrea joined Calix to contribute to reducing greenhouse emissions to try to mitigate climate change, by analysing and developing the components which operate for long periods of time at very high temperatures. He will be contributing to the future development of the core components that make up Calix’s core technology.

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