Improving water quality sustainably


Michael Wheatland, Business Development Manager  Australia New Zealand Region

about the role of wastewater treatment in a more sustainable world:

“Our product ACTI-Mag helps improve wastewater quality, which has a positive and sustainable impact on the waterways of cities and our country. Because at Calix we believe that Mars is for quitters, we make it our duty to look after our environment, and to keep doing all we can to look after our waterways”

Sustainability Series

With global climate, energy, and sustainability issues set to intensify, Calix has identified some key challenges that have emerged in the last decade and are increasingly putting our planet at risk. We’ve developed a Sustainability Series, in which we dive deeper into these challenges and explain how Calix can contribute.

Find out more about Calix’s ACTI-Mag and how it can help make wastewater treatment more sustainable, and help us transition towards renewable energies.

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for chemical dosing of magnesium hydroxide.

Calix has leveraged a culture of innovation to design, engineer and construct a series of dosing units, adapted to different pump station size, locations and specific requirements to simplify the dosing of ACTI-Mag against sewerage odour and fat build-up, without extensive investment in infrastructure and maintenance.

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Significantly safer than other traditional alkalis, ACTI-Mag is a very cost competitive option for pH adjustment in waste streams, as well as for several other applications including odour and FOG (fat, oil and grease) control, or phosphorus removal from wastewater.

                                   Wastewater and sewage odour control

                                   Fats oils and greases control in wastewater

                                   Biogas Management

                                   Phosphate removal from wastewater

                                   pH adjustment and alkalinity boost

                                   Biochemical & Chemical Oxygen Demand Reduction

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