Expanding our US presence

Expanding our US presence
Expanding our US presence

Calix’s Water business continues to expand its presence in the US water and wastewater treatment market, with new customers and new “hydration” plants in new regions.

The hydration plant in Lufkin, Texas is undergoing commissioning, and a new plant in Ripon, Wisconsin is under construction and expected to come online later this year. The new plants will support the expansion of sales into new regions, including Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas. Modifications in IER’s manufacturing process have resulted in the development of ALKA-Mag+, which has helped to secure new business within the existing hydration plant regions in the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest.

The Water business has solidified relationships with two new distributors in the wastewater treatment market, and another in the potable water treatment market. The three distributors share a philosophy of providing world class products, service and technical credibility.

Regulatory tailwinds

Growth in the Water business is being driven by significant regulatory tailwinds in North America. For wastewater, increased regulation regarding nitrogen removal is creating demand for solutions that boost alkalinity and maintain effective microorganism activity. For the potable water market, strengthened regulation on residual lead and copper requires alternative pH control solutions to minimise the corrosivity of water within the distribution system. In both cases, magnesium hydroxide is an effective and sustainable solution to boost and regulate alkalinity.

Effective management of our water and wastewater helps to protect freshwater systems, our oceans and human health by preventing detrimental pathogens, nutrients and other types of pollution from entering the environment. IER’s ALKA-Mag+ and Calix’s AQUA-Cal+ and ACTI-Mag products provide safe, economical and sustainable solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater.

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Expanding our US presence


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