Celebrating International Women’s Day

At Calix, we believe fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is both a moral imperative and foundational to driving innovation and success. On 8 March 2023, we celebrated International Women’s Day by taking the opportunity to shine a light on some of our talented women developing innovative solutions to global sustainability challenges.

Introducing Chloe Lian, a Senior Process Engineer at Calix with a background in Chemical Engineering. Chloe is currently working on the process flow design for various projects, including developing an innovative ‘midstream’ process for more sustainable lithium products.

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Shammi Ferdousi Quote

Meet Shammi Ferdousi, a material scientist with over 13 years’ research experience in nanomaterials, electrochemistry, and surface science. As a Materials Engineer at Calix, Shammi is leading a team developing innovative and more sustainable cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.

With a background in Materials Engineering, Rana Hawly is a Procurement Manager at Leilac, responsible for developing the procurement process for materials, products, and services for Leilac projects and ensuring that they meet quality, cost, and delivery requirements.

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Meet Environmental Process Engineer, Annie Minga. With a background in operations and pollution control equipment design, Annie is applying her experience in high heat industrial applications to advance the Leilac technology and help to urgently address global climate goals.

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