Lithium & critical minerals

Enabling sustainable, secure and cost-effective critical mineral processing with electric calcination.

Opportunity & challenges

Critical minerals are the cornerstone of the global decarbonisation movement.

They provide essential material inputs to a wide range of industries that are pivotal to clean energy technologies and a successful transition to net zero. Critical minerals are also vital for domestic and regional energy security, for national defence and economic security.

As global decarbonisation efforts, supply chain pressures and geopolitical tensions manifest, the critical minerals industry faces a period of significant risk and disruption. It also faces a moment of considerable opportunity.

Opportunity & challenges

Mineral processing is inherently energy intensive.

Conventional approaches contribute substantially to global carbon emissions and have other significant environmental impacts.

The industry faces a dual challenge. It must rapidly increase the supply of the minerals required to enable global decarbonisation efforts, and at the same time, drastically reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts associated with their production.

The transition to sustainable mineral processing, however, is not just an environmental imperative. It is a strategic opportunity. By embracing this opportunity, the critical minerals industry can significantly reduce its environmental impact, and benefit from the global tailwinds that support premium green mineral products.

Our solution

Calix’s electric calcination technology replaces inefficient and carbon-intensive rotary kilns with renewably powered and energy efficient electric heating.

The technology uses externally heated calciner tubes to deliver radiative heat to the raw material. It processes fines and eliminates waste to improve ore recovery and operating economics, and reduce environmental impacts.

Calix’s technology aims to enable a transition from a “dig-it and ship-it” approach to processing and beneficiation at the mine site. Ultimately, it is designed to enable mineral producers to dramatically reduce the carbon intensity of their products, while creating and capturing more value from their mineral resources.

Key features & benefits

Reduced carbon intensity

Electric calcination can enable the use of up to 100% renewably sourced power and deliver a vast reduction in carbon emission intensity of the lithium product. For lithium, Calix’s electric calciner can deliver emissions reductions of 80-90% compared with conventional rotary kilns.

Precision heating

Unlike traditional kiln processing, the Calix electric calciner provides 20-30 zones of temperature control per tube to deliver optimised temperature profiles for a given mineral. Particles are precisely heated to drive the desired physical or chemical transformation whilst avoiding sintering or melting, improving extraction rates and efficiency.

Reduced cost

Calix’s electric calciner is targeting lower capital and operating costs compared with conventional calcining processes.

Low & zero waste products

A concentrated and near zero-waste lithium product will allow waste material to be left at the mine site, providing further cost and emissions savings through reduced and simplified transport and logistics.

Value add

A lithium rich product produced at the mine site may enable more value to be captured onshore at the mineral resource.

Secure supply chains

With countries around the world considering their sovereign capability to source critical mineral products, sustainable downstream processing at the mine-site can create further value for trading partners by securing supplies and mitigating geopolitical risks.

Unlock mineral resources

By refining and concentrating the mineral product at source, producers can mitigate challenges such as long distances to export infrastructure or customers, potentially unlocking remote hard-rock assets globally.


Fast-tracking commercialisation

Sustainable lithium

In a joint venture with Pilbara Minerals, Calix is developing an innovative mid-stream solution to show the potential for renewably powered processing of spodumene at the mine site.

Partnering for the planet

Through strong global partnerships and collaboration with industry, academia and governments, Calix is accelerating the development and commercialisation of its core platform technology to urgently solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. We recognise and thank each of our partners for their vital contributions.

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