During the webinar, Michael Wheatland, a chemical engineer with over 15 years experience in the minerals industry demonstrates how gold, copper, coal and other mines around Australia are using ACTI-Mag to neutralise process or waste water to achieve better costs, safer process and a better environmental outcome.

The water cycle in Australia with our droughts and downpours is always a challenge for mine sites. We understand the challenges, as we own our own Mine site in South Australia.

ACTI-Mag for wastewater

ACTI-Mag is a concentrated and stabilised suspension of magnesium hydroxide also known as milk of magnesia, an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Mg(OH)2. Highly fluid, ACTI-Mag has proven to flow easily in most dosing systems.

With a higher neutralising value per kilo when compared with caustic whilst being significantly safer to handle than other traditional alkalis, making it a very safe and cost competitive option.

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Introducing Michael Wheatland

Business Development Manager | Australia New Zealand Region

Michael Wheatland is an Internationally Chartered Engineer turned Manager who is passionate about sustainable outcomes through carbon reduction technology, infrastructure management and clean energy projects.

As a Business Development Manager at Calix, Michael is responsible for the Victoria, Southern NSW, Western Australia and New Zealand regions, helping the energy, mining, mineral, water, wine and manufacturing industries to achieve more sustainable outcomes.

Michael has successfully implemented multi-million dollar projects with Rio Tinto, BHP, Alcoa and now projects with Calix. all of which contribute to his vision of a more sustainable world. His hope is to surround himself with energetic, knowledgeable, inspiring people to build supportive, driven teams that allow bold visions to take shape through shared effort.

Calix recognises that Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management must be integrated into all operations in our organisation. In light of the latest advice on corona virus, and the need to work more remotely, Calix has created a series of webinars so you can take advantage of Calix’s know-how without leaving your home or office!

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