Plant a Tree with Calix and
Help us Capture CO2

It’s no secret that combatting global warming is one of the biggest and most important challenges of the 21st century. Participating in carbon capture from your own home may seem daunting – after all, how much difference can one person really make? The short answer – a lot!

The Facts

Did you know that the average Australian emits 19 tonnes of CO2 every year? [1]
That’s equivalent to:


Tyrannosaurus Rexes







With everyone’s emissions all combined, this adds up to over 400 million tonnes per year in Australia, and 35 billion tonnes globally. [2]


the Great Pyramid of Giza


Sydney Opera Houses

200 Million


20 Billion


Australia and the USA also have the highest emissions per capita, so it’s even more important for us to do what we can to help reduce carbon emissions.

How to reduce carbon emissions from your own home

The good news is that you don’t need to be an eco-warrior, scientist or environmental engineer to make a difference. One of the many wonderful ways everyone can participate in reducing CO2 emissions is by germinating eucalyptus seeds, right in the comfort of our own homes. You don’t even need a backyard to plant the tree in! There are some wonderful organisations that will take it off your hands when it’s ready to grow into its powerful, Carbon-combatting self.

Calix is helping everyone do their bit by supplying eucalyptus seeds to anyone who wants to help offset their carbon emissions. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll send out some seeds for you to germinate at home.

Get your seeds & start reducing your carbon footprint!

Why eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus trees are superheroes when it comes to offsetting carbon emissions. In fact, this has led them to become the #1 most planted tree in Australia as part of carbon offset programs!

Here are some of the reasons why eucalyptus trees are such champions at carbon mitigation:

They’re native to Australia, so won’t compete with other native plants and wildlife.
They’re fast growing, evergreen, and photosynthesise (take in carbon) all year round.
They grow well in Australia’s dry, arid conditions.
They soak up a lot of carbon quickly and continue to store large amounts throughout their lifetime.

How much CO2 can a eucalyptus tree store?

Eucalyptus trees can store up to a whopping 15.7 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, per year, after four years of growth. By the time these trees have been around for 14 years, that number increases up to 25.3 tonnes![3]

This means that by planting one tree per year, you could potentially offset your annual carbon emissions.

Help us celebrate earth day on 22nd April

Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd April, and is a chance for us all to show our support for environmental protection.

In 2021, the Earth day theme is “Restore Our Earth”, focussing on climate education and cleaning up the planet. The day includes events, summits and an Earth Day Livestream featuring activists, leaders and influencers. You can participate in Earth Day from your own home by educating your loved ones about environmental protection and beginning to take small actions in the house or workplace.

About Calix’s Carbon Capture Technology

We all know that trees and plants capture CO2, helping reduce emissions. But fewer people know that technologies – like the one developed by Calix – can also capture carbon.

Calix’s world first, patented technology involves “flash” heating minerals in an externally heated reactor – to create nano-active materials that can be used in a range of different industrial applications. Calix technology allows for the direct separation of CO2, allowing it to be used for carbon dioxide reduction in traditionally CO2 intensive industries, such as lime and cement production. The technology could also be developed with alternative or waste fuels or renewable energy, to ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.

To find out more about our technology:

Germinating eucalyptus seeds at home or in the office is a great way to celebrate Earth Day by easily doing your bit to capture CO2.

How to germinate eucalyptus tree seeds

So, you’re ready to start growing your own eucalyptus tree – welcome aboard! Germinating seeds is a great activity for anyone to do. Whether you’re a student who wants to pick up a new hobby, a parent with young kids, a retiree or a professional, growing eucalyptus seeds is a fun and rewarding activity. You could even set up a competition at work or school to see who can plant the most trees in a year!

The first thing you’ll need to do is contact us here at Calix and ask us to send out some seeds. We can send these out via post to anyone in Australia.

Once you’ve received your seeds, follow these simple steps to germinate your seeds. Eucalyptus seeds germinate best in warm weather, so you may need a heat lamp or humidity dome in the colder months.


Eucalyptus seeds
Plant pot
or container
with drainage holes
Some good
quality soil
Humidity dome
Heat lamp for
colder weather
A bright,
airy room


  1. Place your plant pot in a bright, airy room.
  2. Fill your plant pot with soil, place in your eucalyptus seeds and lightly cover with soil.
  3. If germinating in colder months, set up your heat lamp near the plant and place the humidity dome over the pot.
  4. Keep the soil moist and warm until the seed begins to germinate. This should take about 14-21 days.
  5. Once the seed has germinated, remove the lamp and humidity dome (if using).
  6. Once the plant has reached 10-13cm (4-5″) tall, transplant into a place in your yard with full sun and well-drained, moderately rich soil. Make sure you plant it at a time of year when temperatures are consistently above 10°C (50°F). Now, enjoy your new tree!
  7. If you are unable to plant the eucalyptus tree in your own backyard, contact Landcare and they will be able to give you instructions on what to do next. You may be able to plant it in a nearby national park or have someone take it off your hands.

If you have any further questions on how you can easily participate in carbon capture from your own home or would like to order some eucalyptus seeds, get in contact with Calix and we’ll be happy to help!