Leilac announces global licence agreement with Heidelberg Materials and three new projects with CEMEX

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The innovative licence agreement for Leilac’s ground-breaking technology applies to any Heidelberg Materials facility where the Leilac decarbonisation technology is installed. Heidelberg Materials operates 149 cement plants across 5 continents.

“It forms the basis for the technology’s use throughout Heidelberg Materials, providing a model for the commercialisation of the technology at global scale. Together, Leilac and Heidelberg Materials continue to de-risk, prove and scale Leilac’s decarbonisation technology. The agreement is an important step in our journey towards providing cement and lime producers with access to a low cost carbon abatement solution, allowing them to take urgent action against climate change and protect their industries’ jobs and prosperity.” Daniel Rennie, Leilac CEO

Heidelberg Materials is a founding and key member of a consortium of companies and institutions partnering to develop and apply the Leilac technology. The global licence agreement with Heidelberg Materials follows many years of close collaboration and partnership.

Leilac’s commercialisation strategy

The agreement with Heidelberg Materials is a key milestone in Leilac’s commercialisation of the Leilac technology, and Calix’s strategy to develop great businesses that deliver positive global impact.

The technology licence fee is a first-of-a-kind for the industry, and comprises a royalty floor, variable component linked to carbon price/value, and a royalty cap linked to costs versus alternative technologies. The terms of the agreement with Heidelberg Materials require the royalty quantums to remain commercial-in-confidence. Calix will retain all improvements to Calix intellectual property.

Calix Managing Director and CEO, Phil Hodgson said, “The agreement with Heidelberg Materials for the commercial use of the Leilac technology represents the next chapter of a long and successful partnership. It is a partnership based on shared values, and a shared mission to urgently and affordably decarbonise the production of cement. We are grateful for their support and collaboration in the development of this globally important technology.”

“Heidelberg Materials has been working together with Leilac since 2014, developing this promising technology as a means of decarbonising the cement sector’s unavoidable CO2 emissions. We look forward to our continued collaboration towards developing and implementing the technology at full scale, with this global, perpetual licence agreement marking an important milestone and commercial framework for the widespread use of the technology.” Antonio Clausi, Head of Heidelberg Materials’ Global Competence Centre Cement

To read more, visit: Global License Agreement with Heidelberg Materials | Leilac

Leilac is also pleased to announce three decarbonisation projects in partnership with global building materials company, CEMEX. The projects aim to deploy Leilac’s unique technology to capture unavoidable process emissions released in the production of cement.

“Leilac is delighted to announce three ambitious decarbonisation projects with long-time partner, CEMEX. Spanning three countries and two continents, the projects with CEMEX represent the next stage of commercial scale implementation of the Leilac technology as we seek to deliver impactful CO2 abatement across the globe.”

Engineering studies are currently under way for Leilac carbon capture projects based at CEMEX plants in Germany, Poland and the USA. Leilac is working closely with CEMEX to progress the projects as well as a global licence agreement, currently under negotiation, covering CEMEX’s global operations. Leilac and CEMEX have a longstanding partnership. CEMEX is a founding and valued member of a consortium of companies and institutions partnering to develop and apply the Leilac technology through the Leilac-1 and Leilac-2 projects.

Thanks to Simon Clark for his insights on why Carbon
Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) is urgently needed for
the decarbonisation of the construction industry and his
feature on Leilac’s efficient & scalable solution for cement
and lime.


Leilac is accelerating the transition to net zero by providing the most compelling decarbonisation solution for global cement and lime.

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