Leilac Newsletter December 2023

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Welcome to Issue Number 46 of the Calix Newsletter.

In this special edition, we take the opportunity to introduce the new Leilac newsletter. Leilac’s newsletter will provide regular updates on its progress to develop and deploy decarbonisation solutions for the cement and lime industries, in addition to other applications of its technology, such as Direct Air Capture of atmospheric carbon dioxide.  

Leilac is of course the first example of our capital light, licensing strategy in action. Carbon Direct Capital Management’s investment of €15 million for a 7% stake in Leilac Limited demonstrated how impact investment at the subsidiary business level could provide look-through value for specific applications of the Calix technology and accelerate its development and commercialisation. 

The subsequent spin-off of Leilac enabled investment in a single-focused team and the development of application specific technology beyond Calix’s core platform. It has been satisfying to see the progress the Leilac team has made to date and the momentum that is building within the company. 

Most recently, Leilac announced the signing of a global and perpetual licence agreement with Direct Air Capture company, Heirloom. Direct Air Capture is a method of removing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, something the International Panel on Climate Change predicts will be needed at the scale of 1–10 billion tonnes of CO2 per year if we are to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 °C. 

Leilac’s partnership with Heirloom will employ electric versions of Leilac’s same core technology for CO2 capture from limestone. It opens up a rapidly emerging new market for Leilac with significant public and private sector support, particularly in the US. It will also support and accelerate the electrification and scale-up of Calix’s core platform technology for other mineral processing applications, including cement, iron and steel, and critical minerals. 

You can read more about our partnership with Heirloom plus a report on a techno-economic analysis of Leilac’s vision for cement decarbonisation at full commercial scale, updates on the Leilac-2 and Leilac-1 projects, and an opportunity to get to know some of the Leilac team in the first edition of the Leilac newsletter that follows. 

In other Calix news, the 2024 financial year is off to a good start with all KPIs currently on track across the group. Following a successful Financial Investment Decision, work continues with our joint venture partners Pilbara Minerals on the construction of a demonstration plant to produce a mid-stream sustainable lithium salt product. Construction is expected to commence in April-June 2024, with the production of the first lithium salts targeted for Apr-Jun 2025.  

Our expanded iron ore testing program continues following significant interest in our Zero Emissions Steel TechnologY (ZESTY). Early pilot-scale testing showed excellent metallisation across a range of ore types, including hematite ores from the Pilbara. A Front-end Engineering and Design study for a 30,000 tonne per annum zero CO2 emissions ZESTY iron plant is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year.  

We also recently published our Sustainability Report for 2023, which details our ambitions for sustainability across our own operations and the progress we are making. The full report is available on the Calix website.  

I hope you enjoy this first edition of the Leilac newsletter, and you can subscribe here to ensure you stay up to date with future editions. Our regular programming will resume in the new year with the next Calix newsletter. In the meantime, I wish you all an excellent end to the year. 

Phil Hodgson – Calix CEO and Managing Director 


  • Leilac’s vision for low-cost cement decarbonisation: a techno-economic study
  • Leilac and Heirloom sign agreement to use electric Leilac technology for direct air capture
  • GCCA India visits Leilac-1
  • Listen to the Heirloom and Leilac CEOs discuss DAC and their partnership
  • Leilac-2 gets a new and improved design and a revised timeline
  • Leilac-1 continues to play key R&D role
  • Join us – Leilac is hiring
  • Meet some of the team
  • Leilac in the news
Download the PDF now
Leilac’s vision for low-cost cement decarbonisation: a techno-economic study

Decarbonising Cement: Leilac at Full Commercial Scale, a new study produced by the EU funded Leilac-2 consortium, provides a detailed analysis of the Leilac technology’s potential to deliver flexible and low-cost decarbonisation solutions for cement plants at any scale.

Learn more about Leilac’s techno-economics
Leilac and Heirloom sign agreement to use electric Leilac technology for direct air capture

Heirloom, a direct air capture (DAC) company permanently removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, and Leilac have signed global licence and collaboration agreements to deploy renewably-powered electric kilns at Heirloom’s DAC facilities.

Learn about DAC & our partnership with Heirloom
Listen to Heirloom and Leilac CEOs discuss how DAC can help reverse climate change

In this podcast, Heirloom CEO Shashank Samala and Leilac CEO Daniel Rennie explain how their partnership aims to accelerate the removal of legacy carbon dioxide emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Listen to the podcast
GCCA India visits Leilac-1

GCCA India and representatives from the Indian Government and across the Indian cement sector visited the Leilac-1 pilot plant on 24 November 2023 to discuss cement decarbonisation.

Read more about the GCCA India visit
Leilac-2 gets a new and improved design and a revised timeline

Leilac-2 gets a substantial update, including a lighter and simplified design that supports our vision for a low-cost, scalable, and accessible carbon capture solution.

Learn more about the Leilac-2 project
Leilac-1 continues to play key R&D role

Our Leilac-1 pilot plant in  Lixhe, Belgium, developed with a consortium of industry partners along with a grant from the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 programme, was built to provide a “proof of concept” for our Leilac decarbonisation technology. We met that goal, and the plant now continues to serve as a  testbed for further research and development.

Learn about Leilac-1’s evolving role as an R&D testbed
Join us – Leilac is hiring

Leilac’s purpose-driven team is growing as we develop, scale and implement decarbonisation solutions around the world. Discover available roles and register your interest here.

Latest Leilac job opportunities
Meet some of the team
Watch interviews with Rana Hawly, Simon Thomsen, Tom Hills, and Youssef Aaraj.
Watch their profiles in video

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