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Accelerating the transition to net zero by providing the most compelling decarbonisation solution for global cement and lime.

Concrete production
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Opportunity & challenges

Cement and lime are indispensable to our daily lives.

From buildings and essential infrastructure to applications in renewable energy, steel, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, cement and lime provide the foundations of modern society.

The manufacture of cement and lime, however, requires the use of raw materials that, when heated, directly release carbon dioxide as an unavoidable byproduct. Typically, these process emissions account for around two-thirds of the direct fossil CO2 emitted from cement and lime production, with the remaining emissions resulting from the energy needed to heat the process.

Opportunity & challenges

In total, cement and lime account for approximately 8% of global CO₂ emissions.*

The Global Cement & Concrete Association estimates there are 1.4 billion tonnes of CO₂ from cement to be captured and stored annually by 2050.**

Decarbonisation is vital to meeting our climate commitments and avoiding the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Sustainable cement and lime are vital to enabling global living standards to continue to improve in the transition to a carbon neutral world.

Cement and lime production
Our solution

Leilac’s technology is purpose built to efficiently capture unavoidable process CO₂ emissions from cement and lime production, without additional chemicals or processes.

It is designed to be scalable, retrofittable, energy agnostic and electrification ready to provide flexible and economical pathways to sustainable industry.

Leilac’s technology is also being developed to deliver zero emissions lime for capture of emissions from other hard-to-abate sectors, as well as Direct Air Capture of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Key features & benefits

Low cost decarbonisation

Leilac’s reimagined approach to carbon capture is purpose built for the cement and lime industries. Our elegant solution simply keeps unavoidable process emissions pure and uncontaminated by flue gases or air, enabling Leilac to target the lowest cost solution for decarbonising cement and lime.

Efficient capture of unavoidable process emissions

With no additional chemicals or processes, our indirectly heated calcination technology efficiently separates unavoidable CO2 process emissions. Leilac’s technology requires, in principle, the same specific energy as a conventional directly heated calciner, minimising any additional energy consumption, CO2 production and cost.

Low-impact retrofit integration

Leilac’s modular technology is designed to be retrofitted and integrated into existing operational cement and lime plants with minimal downtime, reducing disruption and ensuring all cement and lime producers can decarbonise for a sustainable future. 


Leilac’s modular design can be simply replicated and scaled to capture 100% of the process emissions from any cement or lime plant.

Energy agnostic & electrification ready

Leilac’s technology operates on a variety of energy sources, including electricity, alternative fuels, biomass and hydrogen. This provides viable, flexible and economical pathways to net zero cement and lime. Leilac also has the potential to rapidly switch energy sources to enable grid load balancing and enhanced economic operations.

Proven & implementation ready

Leilac is actively partnering with cement and lime producers and local engineering firms around the world to deliver an efficient and rapid global roll out of our unique and proven technology, accelerating a just transition to net zero cement and lime.


Fast-tracking commercialisation

Partnering for the planet

Through strong global partnerships and collaboration with industry, academia and government, Leilac is reimagining and delivering the future of cement and lime. We recognise and thank our partners for their vital contributions.

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