News Issues April 2018

Calix Global Challenges

News Issues April 2018

Welcome to Issue Number 25 of the Calix Newsletter.

“We are off to a flying start for the year with the kick-off of two important projects. Both our domestic advanced battery materials production facility and our overseas pilot project in thermo-chemical renewable energy storage (SOCRATCES) have commenced preliminary front-end engineering design. We’ll keep you informed of both exciting projects as they progress.

In another leap forward, our Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement (LEILAC) project in Belgium has executed all major fabrication and construction contracts, and work has begun in earnest. We are pleased to have been selected by Australia’s Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) to help with our working capital commitments to this project. In conjunction with the ramp-up of this project, an Innovation in Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage conference was held on February 7 and 8, with top-level delegates from our consortium partners, industry and the European Commission in attendance.

Also, our commercial business continues its expansion overseas, with our first shipments to the US (Hawaii) despatched in February.

In Issue 23 of our Newsletter, we mentioned our intention to look at an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the company in the near future. Our IPO strategy has been recently bolstered via a small yet successful preIPO capital raising of AU$2m to help cover some of the costs of an IPO. At the same time, the company converted around AU$3.5m out of our AU$4m in debt into equity / shares. The company now has the resources and balance sheet to continue to progress an ASX listing. Provided market conditions are conducive for such a listing at the time we choose to list, the company will make a prospectus available for the IPO. Anyone who wishes to acquire shares under the IPO will need to complete the application form that will accompany the prospectus, once published. We will keep you informed as we progress this process. On behalf of the Calix team, thank you for your continued interest in Calix.”

Introducing Jonathon Webb – Production Manager

Jonathon joined Calix in March 2014 as a Graduate Process Engineer. Working as a part of the production team his main duties were around operation of the CFC15000, Calix’s “Catalytic Flash Calciner”, and operation of the ACTI-Mag hydration plant. Through these duties he developed a good understanding of Calix’s products and processes.

In July 2017, Jonathon became a Production Manager. He manages production and logistics activities out of the Bacchus Marsh site and handles all of the company’s exports. Jonathon holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Melbourne. His father and grandfather on his mother’s side were chemical engineers, so he felt it was is fate to follow the same path. Calix appealed to him as during his studies he had developed an interest in mineral processing while spending two summers at a tin mine in Tasmania as a Metallurgical Vacation Student.

When not working Jonathon enjoys multi-day hikes with friends, drinking red wine and playing squash and in a competitive dodgeball league.

News Issues December 2017

Welcome to Issue Number 24 of the Calix Newsletter.

We are pleased to report some great progress since our last newsletter.

Calix is very proud to receive an Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund grant to build a battery materials processing facility at Bacchus Marsh. Our last newsletter featured our battery material development for manganese oxide cathode materials for use in rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. Our progress from our initial patent application to R&D test results to being awarded a grant to help develop a production facility over the next two years, has taken just over 12 months. It is testament to the strength and versatility of the core Calix technology and the many potential industries to which it can be applied. Stay tuned for our next development!

Continuing on our battery theme, our R&D section in this newsletter outlines the €5m SOCRATCES project; our latest European research and development pilot to develop ThermoChemical Energy Storage for grid-scale batteries, with Calix technology at its core. This exciting, three-year project kicks off in January 2018.

Our BOOSTER-Mag agricultural crop protection product also continues strongly on its development pathway, with increased media attention to the unique value proposition of a fertiliser and crop protection product, all-in-one, over the last couple of months. Read about our latest BOOSTER-Mag developments in this newsletter.

Our commercial business continues to do well also, with more than 30 sewer pump stations now coated with PROTECTAMag across Australia and New Zealand. Read about this critical piece of sewer infrastructure and our solution to its protection from deterioration in this newsletter also.

As the year draws to a close, the Calix team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year. We made great progress in 2017, and we look forward to achieving even more in 2018…”

News Issues October 2017

Welcome to Issue Number 23 of the Calix Newsletter.

There has been an extraordinary amount of activity over the last couple of months…

Our award-winning technology continues to deliver, with an Australian Business Award – New Product Innovation achieved for our AQUA-Cal+ aquaculture water conditioner. Read about the latest AQUA-Cal+ trials in Thailand and Vietnam, two of the world’s largest aquaculture prawn markets, in this newsletter.

Our export efforts also continue to be recognised, where we have reached the finals of the NSW Premier’s Export Awards for the third year running.

Calix’s technology is also strongly placed to feature in a lower carbon future, and while in Australia this potential is hard to develop, read about all that is happening with a summary article on all the work we are doing in Europe in multiple projects and industries.

Our very exciting potential in advanced battery development has also progressed – read about our recent manufacturing and test campaign in our R&D update.

A recent Australian Financial Review article hinted at our intentions to look at an Initial Public Offering in the near future. While much still has to play out to make this a reality, we are working on this and will keep you posted of progress. Thank you again for your continued interest in Calix”

News Issues August 2017

Welcome to Issue Number 22 of the Calix Newsletter.

“Since our last Newsletter, we have successfully passed a significant milestone in our European LEILAC Project, with the project consortium unanimously voting to proceed to the next stage of the project – Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction. The success of the project to date is a testament to both Calix’s core technology, and the Calix-led LEILAC team. Our next key milestone is commissioning the pilot facility, targeted for late 2018, and the intervening period will be a busy time as the pieces of the pilot plant are put together on the HeidelbergCement site in Lixhe, Belgium.

I am also very pleased to announce the launch of a global search for a licensing partner, or partners, for our BOOSTER-Mag™ agricultural spray. Having spent over 3 years researching and developing the product, we are excited by its potential for safe, environmentally friendly crop protection and yield improvement, and are looking for an established agricultural business or businesses to help take it to market. If the interest generated by our recent presentation on BOOSTER-Mag™ efficacy at the European Bio-pesticide conference is anything to go by, our BOOSTER-Mag™ licensing strategy is off to a great start.

Our progress in application technology for our PROTECTA-Mag™ product is also featured in our R&D update. Having signed 3 applications partners across eastern Australia, and with 3 more potentially coming on-board covering southern and western Australia and New Zealand, the growth in our asset protection business over the last two quarters has been exceptional. Our relentless R&D focus on better ways to apply our novel products will keep us, and our new partners, well ahead of any competition.

Our full year financial results are being finalised and still subject to audit, however all indications are that we have had another record year in sales revenue and EBITDA, after our previous record the year before. The Calix team look forward to building substantially on our performance this next financial year, and continue to be very excited by the huge potential of our technology in many new products and applications.”

Introducing Darren Charles – CFO / Company Secretary

Darren has spent all his professional career to date in leading edge technology companies, including the last 6 years with Calix. Prior to becoming our CFO, he was a CFO and Executive Director at ASX listed Altium where he worked for almost 13 years as the company grew from a team of 25 to over 350 staff with operations in 9 countries. In addition, to this he spent 2 years with a telco software startup company.

At Calix, Darren leads our finance team, is the company secretary and oversees the IT and admin functions. Darren graduated from University of Tasmania as a Bachelor of Commerce with an accounting major and is a Fellow of CPA Australia. Darren works with our executive and board with the development of business strategy with specific focus on the strategies for the finance and funding needs of the company. His previous experience with international business development, tax management, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and an IPO will serve the company well as it continues its growth trajectory.

When not at work, Darren likes to spend time with his family with weekends taken up with kid’s sport participation and assisting to run a local junior AFL team during winter months. He also likes to keep himself active and regularly plays soccer and goes to the gym.

Introducing Simon Thomsen – Project Engineer

Simon earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, graduating in 2011. During his degree, he completed his industrial training with Calix, developing the concept and running heat and mass balances for the CFC15000 which was at the time in an early conceptual stage. After graduating, he joined Calix full time and immediately began work on the engineering design of the CFC15000 plant. Simon would end up being heavily involved in the plant from its conception and design, moving to Bacchus Marsh through its construction and commissioning before it transitioned to a successful full time production facility.

Since then, Simon has taken on a multitude of roles as required by the varying needs of a fast growing company. These have included project managing periodic upgrades of the CFC15000 facility, managing the delivery of services for high value customers such as Melbourne Water and most recently, held a pivotal role in completing the engineering on the pre-FEED study for the LEILAC project before moving to Europe full time in 2017 to work on the project full time. With the plant now in operation, he is in charge of managing the projects engineering activities. He also leads the Work Package which will conduct the engineering and construction for a pilot for another project Calix is involved in, Project SOCRATCES.

In his free time, Simon enjoys getting outdoors running or on his mountain bike. He also completed an ambitious personal project, building a Formula Vee racing car of his own design which he raced in 2017, winning the division 2 championship in its first season of competition.

Introducing Shayne Rettke – Mechanical engineer

Shayne joined Calix in August 2016 in the role of Mechanical Project Engineer. His first task on joining Calix was to manage the relocation of our Queensland ACTI-MagTM Production Plant to another site on the Gold Coast. The relocation was completed on time, on budget and with zero LTI’s.

He is now heavily involved with PROTECTA-Mag as Project Coordinator, where his responsibilities include liaison with customers, maintenance of equipment and sparing and also product supply across Australia and in New Zealand. Shayne also provides operational training and quality assurance for PROTECTA-Mag application specific to each site and customer.

After completing a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from UNSW he moved to Gladstone, Central Queensland, where he worked for an engineering services company. Here he gained valuable experience in preparing quotations, procuring, designing and machining heavy industry equipment for companies such as Rio Tinto Alcan, Boyne Smelter Limited and Queensland Alumina Port.

Shayne has also worked as a professional lifeguard supervisor for the Bega Valley Shire Council. He was the youngest supervisor in NSW, responsible for public safety across 8 patrolled beaches and 150km of coastline. He also lifeguarded across 6 councils in NSW and QLD. Shayne has been heavily involved with volunteer Surf Life Saving for the past 20 years and has been awarded with a group bravery citation from the Australian Governor General.

Introducing Vincent Nguyen – Maintenance and projects manager

Vincent joined Calix in 2010 to assist with the construction and commissioning of the CFC850 Pilot plant after having completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Business Finance.

Vincent assisted with the establishment and development of the Bacchus Marsh site which saw him through the years take on several roles including Site engineer, Site HSE co-ordinator, Project Engineer, Maintenance Engineer and now Maintenance and Projects Manager. Vincent was intimately involved with the construction of the CFC15000 and also managed the construction of the first MHL batching plant at Bacchus Marsh. On top of being responsible for day to day maintenance activities at Bacchus Marsh, Vincent is also heavily involved with engineering projects, process improvement projects and safety initiatives.

Outside of Calix Vincent had also owned and operated a traditional martial arts club where he was one of the youngest individuals to achieve ‘Master’ rank.

Vincent and wife Tuyet have also recently joyfully announced the arrival of their little girl Willow.

Calix investigates nano-active materials in collaboration with Australian Synchotron

Calix Limited accessed the Australian Synchrotron through the NISA scheme to investigate the properties of its nano-active powdered minerals – prepared through a patented process for a range of health, agricultural, energy and water management uses – to correlate changes in the nanoscale structure to observed improved product performance.

Analysis using the Small and Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS/WAXS) beamline identified the unique structures of Calix’s minerals, at a characteristic length scale of about six nanometres, and showed that the structures’ total surface area, including pores and internal chambers, changed in a predictable and controllable manner during production.

The research confirmed Calix’ patented techniques provide consistent and reliable production control over the nano-structures and confirm a measurement technique that can be used to correlate the nanostructures in the particles to the observed bioactivity of Calix products, aiding the development of powdered products to limit the spread of pathogens across biologically-sensitive industries in a way that is safe to humans and animals.