Robert van Merkestein presenting BOOSTER-Mag

Making Crop Protection Safer

BOOSTER-Mag is a safe, low cost, environmentally sustainable and easy-to-apply foliar spray that can improve productivity and natural resistance to pests and diseases. We are pleased to have recently executed a fourth Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) for BOOSTER-Mag with another multinational crop protection company.


We seek engagement with key opinion leaders (Australia & Overseas) with an interest in:

  • Grower Productivity  developing compatible and complementary IPM methodology
  • Grower Safety and Production Sustainability
  • Collaboration, evaluation and early adoption of innovation

Calix is focussed on the achieving the following outcomes in parallel:

  • Field evaluations to develop efficacy data and application know-how
  • Introduction as a foliar treatment to improve on-farm productivity, simplicity, safety & sustainability
  • Registration as a anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and insect pest control product  Australia


Calix continues to build the BOOSTER-Mag efficacy dossier necessary to achieve registration as a plant protection product in Australia.

A series of field tomato trials were completed over the 18/19 Australian summer to further quantify the effect of BOOSTER-Mag treatment on crop health and productivity.

The results show that relative to untreated controls, BOOSTER-Mag treatment coincided with statistically significant suppression for a range of damaging pests:

• Helicoverpa spp. (cotton bollworm): Victorian and Queensland trials yielded consistent and positive data with treatment in both trials reducing fruit damage at harvest by between 60 to 77%.

• Aleyrodidae (white Fly): Victorian trials indicate BOOSTER-Mag treatment coincided with a 65% reduction in pest pressure.

• Tetranychus urticae (two spotted mite). Queensland trials indicate BOOSTER-Mag treatment suppressed motiles (adults & nymphs) to greater extent than the grower standard chemical treatment.

Robert van Merkestein, Business Manager Bio-Active Materials at Calix Limited, talks about the successful trials with BOOSTER-Mag.
Robert van Merkestein, Business Manager Bio-Active Materials at Calix Limited, explains how BOOSTER-Mag fills a growing need for safer crop protection solutions.


Calix has developed BOOSTER-Magan easy-to-apply foliar spray that acts as both fertiliser and stimulates a plants natural ability to fight disease and pests. It demonstrably provides a substantial safety, simplicity, sustainability and productivity benefit.

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