Calix’s ZESTY study finds high potential for economic green iron

Calix Zesty study finds high potential for economic green iron

Calix is pleased to announce that it has completed a Front-End Engineering and Design (FFED) study for a 30,000 tonne per annum Zero Emissions Steel Technology (ZESTY) Hydrogen Direct Reduced Iron (H-DRI) demonstration plant. The study was supported with funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). Highlights The FEED study estimates ZESTY can produce […]

Leilac-2 project to relocate as Heidelberg Materials ends clinker production in Hanover

The Leilac-2 project will move to another Heidelberg Materials’ site following a decision by Heidelberg Materials to end clinker production at its Hanover cement plant. In a 26 January 2024 press release, Heidelberg Materials’ attributes the decision to shut down clinker production in Hanover to a “substantial decline in cement sales following weak construction demand […]

Calix appoints Dr Sarah Ryan and Peter Dixon as non-executive directors

Dr Sarah Ryan and Peter Dixon as non-executive directors

Calix is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr Sarah Ryan and Peter Dixon to the Calix board of directors as non-executive directors. Dr Ryan and Mr Dixon’s appointments will be effective from 1 January 2024. At the Calix 2022 Annual General Meeting, Calix Chair, Peter Turnbull noted the board’s proactive approach to board succession […]

Australia’s Carbon Leakage review

Australia`s Carbon Leakage review

Calix commends the Australian Government on its revised carbon emissions Safeguard Mechanism, its support for investment in decarbonisation technologies and its consideration of measures to prevent carbon leakage, including a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM). A price on carbon provides strong incentives for emitters to decarbonise and importantly, a stable base from which investment decisions […]

Innovating for the Earth: Heirloom & Leilac discuss accelerating the removal of legacy CO2

Welcome to the new Episode of INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH with innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin In this Innovating for the Earth podcast, Heirloom CEO Shashank Samala and Leilac CEO Daniel Rennie explain how their partnership aims to accelerate the removal of legacy carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere and […]

Sustainable Critical Minerals and the Green Export Opportunity

The growing demand for secure and sustainable supplies of critical mineral products is being propelled by strengthening tailwinds that result from global environmental and political concerns. Combined with the ever-reducing cost of renewable energy generation, this demand creates a unique opportunity for mineral producers. By combining mineral and renewable energy resources – and utilising innovative enabling […]

Leilac and Heirloom sign global licence and collaboration agreements for Direct Air Capture

Leilac and Heirloom sign global licence and collaboration agreements for Direct Air Capture

Calix is pleased to announce that Leilac, Calix’s 93% owned subsidiary, has signed a binding and perpetual global licence agreement and a collaboration agreement with Heirloom, a Direct Air Capture company. Heirloom, whose investors include existing Leilac shareholder Carbon Direct Capital Management, as well as Bill Gates-backed Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Ahren Innovation Capital and Microsoft, […]

R&D leadership appointments

Calix is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Matt Boot-Handford to the role of Chief Scientist – Calix Ventures, replacing Dr Louise Keyte as head of Calix’s technology development. Dr Keyte has left Calix to purse new opportunities and we thank her for her great contribution. Dr Boot-Handford’s previous role as General Manager, Research […]

Calix & Pilbara Minerals’ sustainable lithium plant passes FID

An innovative ‘mid-stream’ refining process for sustainable lithium, developed in a joint venture (JV) between Calix and Pilbara Minerals, moved a step closer following a successful financial investment decision on a demonstration plant at Pilbara Minerals’ Pilgangoora Project. The demonstration plant will use Calix’s patented electric calcination technology and is supported by $20m in Australian […]

Expanding our US presence

Ier water plant

Calix’s Water business continues to expand its presence in the US water and wastewater treatment market, with new customers and new “hydration” plants in new regions. The hydration plant in Lufkin, Texas is undergoing commissioning, and a new plant in Ripon, Wisconsin is under construction and expected to come online later this year. The new […]


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