Introducing Matthew Gill

Matthew   graduated   with   a   degree   in   mechanical   engineering   from   UNSW.   His   study   focused   on   the   automotive   engineering   industry.   However,   in   early   2012  Matthew  came  across  Calix,  and,  while  it  wasn’t in his plans to work for a small technology company, the company’s  profile  and  promise  were  extremely  alluring. The  cutting-edge,  innovative,  and  dynamic  approach  of  […]

Calix, Official Supporter of Ocean Impact Organisation

Calix is a proud Official Supporter of Ocean Impact Organisation, supporting innovation for a healthy ocean.   The pandemic has proven that people and businesses can overcome adversity and give back to their community even in the toughest of times, emerging as local heroes in their communities. At Calix, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility […]

Calix at the Australian Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Conference

Watch the presentation   Phil Hodgson, Managing Director and CEO of Calix, presented Calix Carbon Capture technology for Cement and Lime Manufacturing. The Calix process engineers the existing process flows of a traditional calciner indirectly heating the limestone via a special steel reactor. This unique system enables pure CO2 to be captured as it is […]

Introducing Hinne Temminck Tuinstra

Hinne is a strategy professional bringing 20 years of international experience, where he focused on the energy, food, agriculture and other industrial sectors. He has led projects covering strategy development, performance improvement, commercial due diligence and post-merger integration. Hinne began his career at the consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton (later Booz & Company), where his clients […]

Odor control using ACTI-Mag at South Coast Water District, Orange County

ACTI-Mag reduces the odor to manageable levels at South Coast Water District, Orange County. Case study summary Challenges  South Coast Water District (SCWD) provides water and wastewater services to communities south of Orange County. This includes 35,000 residents, 1000 businesses and 2 million annual visitors. SCWD manages and operates the sanitary sewer collection system comprising […]

Increased biogas production and reduction of struvite formation

In a process improvement study in anaerobic ponds of a palm oil mill in Malaysia, ACTI-Mag increases the volume of biogas produced and thus the financial returns from its conversion into heat or electricity.   case study summary Challenges Low palm oil mill effluent (POME) flow from a palm oil mill Low POME flow was […]

Creating Renewable Energy

Role of renewable energy in our fight against climate change   Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years. Scientists attribute the global warming trend observed since the mid20th century to what is commonly known as the “greenhouse effect” – a phenomenon […]


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