Calix technology to be piloted in novel energy storage system with SaltX and Sumitomo

Making Better Batteries

Michael Walsh \ April 7, 2021

Another application for Calix’s core kiln technology – where we are seeing accelerating interest across multiple industries as they try to decarbonise traditional heating processes.

Calix is pleased to announce that it has entered an agreement with Swedish based SaltX Technology Holding AB (“SaltX”) to design and construct a pilot scale 200kW electric powered direct separation reactor (“eDS”) in Sweden to be used as part of a process for storing and dispatching renewable energy.

SaltX has developed a technology that enables efficient peak shifting, to take advantage of the excess renewable energy available during the days and shift its availability to the high demand evening periods. SaltX’s patented “nanocoated” salt is the basis for a chemical looping system that will use Calix’s eDS to “heat” and dehydrate the salt when there is excess renewable energy. The dehydrated salt is then re-combined with water to produce heat and power when needed.

Calix and SaltX have executed a purchase agreement for the design and supply of a 200kW eDS pilot reactor, as part of a demonstration project for the SaltX system. This reactor will be similar to the BATMn reactor that Calix successfully built and commissioned in 2019 at its Bacchus Marsh facility in Victoria.

In addition, Calix will provide a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license to SaltX to use the eDS reactor for the pilot plant. Calix joins Sumitomo as a partner with SaltX in the development of this system, which has significant potential in helping decarbonise the electricity grid as an energy storage system.

Calix will have the right to undertake its own research in the eDS unit and will work with SaltX on further collaboration on a larger 1MW capacity unit subject to the results achieved at the pilot plant.

Working with SaltX will provide Calix with the opportunity to further develop its eDS designs, apply our technology to a potential chemical energy storage technology and partner with a company with expertise in recovering embodied energy from dehydrated salts.

A Global Challenge

Renewable energy is becoming the new energy standard around the world and energy storage will be vital to support the transition from fossil fuel to green energy. Approximately 15 % of the global energy production capacity needs to be stored to mitigate the volatility of renewable energy production. Energy storage will therefore help to make energy delivery more reliable.

When cities and industries head towards fossil-free energy systems, to reach the goals of the Paris agreement, many terawatt-hours of storage must be deployed. This is a challenge Calix and SaltX are willing to solve.

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Phil Hodgson, MD & CEO of Calix

“The use of Calix’s technology in base load energy storage systems was foreshadowed as we developed our SOCRATCES project in Europe – which is based upon solar-powered calcium looping and is progressing well ( We are very pleased to be working with SaltX on their system now also – which has great potential for load balancing applications as the grid decarbonises”.

Carl-Johan Liner, CEO of SaltX

“Calix are pioneers in developing sustainable solutions for many industries and therefore I believe this co-operation will have many benefits in SaltX’s mission of developing energy storage solutions that will have a real change for the renewable energy sector”.

SaltX wins Helsinki Energy Challenge

with the best solution for a fossil-free city

“We congratulate Saltx on winning the Helsinki Energy Challenge, which is testament to the potential we see in the SaltX technology, and we are proud to be partnering with SaltX in this development.” Phil Hodgson.

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