Calix is an environmental technology company solving global challenges

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Company overview

Calix is an environmental technology company solving global challenges in industrial decarbonisation and sustainability.

Calix’s patented core platform technology delivers efficient indirect heating of minerals to enable electrification of industries, efficient capture of unavoidable CO2 emissions, and green industrial processing solutions.

Our flash heating approach can also produce unique nanoporous materials with enhanced chemical and/or bioactivity.

Leveraging our core platform technology and a global network of research and development collaborations, we are urgently developing multiple environmental businesses that deliver positive global impact. Because there’s only one Earth.

Mars is for quitters.

Calix limited team solving global challenges
Calix limited founders at cement plant

Our story

In 2005, Calix’s founders, Connor Horley and Mark Sceats, first embarked on the development of a revolutionary idea for a new type of kiln.

It quickly became apparent they were developing a technology that had the potential to be applied across a multitude of industries to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Through a combination of rigorous research and development, targeted investments and funding, and the ingenuity and passion of a dedicated team, the potential of the company’s core platform technology is beginning to be realised.

From a single application in wastewater treatment, Calix now has 28 patent families covering its core technology, and applications across a range of industrial decarbonisation and environmental solutions.

Image: Calix Managing Director & CEO, Phil Hodgson with Calix Founder & Chief Scientist, Mark Sceats (L to R) at Bacchus Marsh, Australia.


An idea whose time has come


Calix founded

As Connor Horley & Mark Sceats developed a new type of kiln, Calix was established as a private company.


First pilot calciner tested

The first pilot calciner was built to test what was possible.


First continuous calciner built

The first continuous calciner – the CFC 850 – built at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia.


Acquisition of magnesite mine

Calix acquired a magnesite mine in Myrtle Springs, South Australia to source materials for R&D.


First commercial scale calciner built

The first commercial scale 30 kilotonnes per annum calciner was completed at Bacchus Marsh, Australia.


Awarded $2m AusIndustry commercialisation grant

Calix received $2m grant for commercialisation from the Australian Government’s AusIndustry.


Calix formed consortium to apply its technology to cement & lime.

Calix joined with key industry & academic partners to develop Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement (Leilac).


Calix listed on the ASX

Calix completed an Initial Public Offering listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


Leilac-1 pilot opens at Heidelberg Materials in Lixhe, Belgium

Leilac-1, with 25,000 tpa CO₂ capture capacity, opens on time & budget, & proves the technology concept for cement & lime.


Calix acquires IER

Calix acquired a USA-based Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid company.


Leilac-2 awarded €16m to scale cement & lime technology

Leilac-2 awarded €16m through the EU Horizon 2020 program to demonstrate decarbonisation technology at scale.


Carbon Direct Capital Management invests in Leilac

Global decarbonisation investor, Carbon Direct Capital Management invested €15m for a 6.98% equity stake in Leilac.


Patent filed for Calix’s Zero Emissions Steel TechnologY (ZESTY)

Calix filed a patent application for its core technology for the production of zero carbon emissions iron & steel.


Leilac-2 passed major project milestone

A scalable module at Heidelberg Materials' plant - Leilac-2 passed its Final Investment Decision.


Leilac signed its first global licence agreement

Leilac signed a perpetual global licence agreement for the use of its decarbonisation technology with Heidelberg Materials (FWB: HEI).


Calix awarded ARENA grant for ZESTY study

Calix awarded a $947,035 grant by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to help fund a study for a ZESTY demonstration plant.


Calix & Pilbara Minerals formed JV for sustainable lithium

Calix & Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) formed a joint venture for an innovative ‘mid-stream’ refining process for sustainable lithium.


Calix announced as partner in sustainable fuels project

Calix confirmed as a partner in the German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation & Technology Incubator (HyGATE) sustainable fuels initiative.


Leilac announces agreements with DAC company, Heirloom

Leilac signed binding & perpetual licence and collaboration agreements with Direct Air Capture (DAC) company, Heirloom.


Calix & Pilbara Minerals project passes key milestone

Calix & Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) joint venture for sustainable lithium passed its Final Investment Decision.


Making a positive difference
for the longer term

Calix limited employee Vannesa working in the plant

Calix’s values provide the foundation of our culture. They guide our thinking and behaviours, propelling us towards our vision to become a leading global innovator of industrial solutions for the environment.

Sense of urgency

Sense of urgency means we embrace the rate of change necessary to make a sustainable future a reality.

Positive impact

Positive impact is what drives us to work every day. We are driven to use our unique skills to create truly sustainable industrial practices.


Innovation reflects our ability to think from first principles, to challenge each other, and adapt quickly to new opportunities.


Resolute means we are a purpose-driven company and determined to make a positive difference for the long-term.


Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is not just a moral imperative; it provides the foundation for driving innovation and business success. Diversity is a key focus for our company.


At the foundation of our spirit is teamwork. We are a down-to-earth, caring, honest, innovative and dedicated team of people working together to solve global challenges.

Partnering for the planet

Through strong global partnerships and collaboration with industry, academia and governments, Calix is accelerating the development and commercialisation of its core platform technology to urgently solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. We recognise and thank each of our partners for their vital contributions.

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We are on a mission to help solve some of the greatest global challenges.




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